Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Family night tonihgt was good. A few local youths came in and did some dancing for us, with some very beautiful costumes. Almost all of the kids were kids of girls I went to high school with, and whom used to be dancers themselves.
I got some good videos, and a great idea to get Darius into dancing. A healthy way to wear off loads of energy, and after talking it over with one of the mothers discovered that there is no protocol to begin your dancing "career" Just make your costume and go. One of the parents is attempting to get a dance class started down at the gym so her kids have more practice time before entering pow wows over the summer and such, which I think would be cool.
Am currently awaiting an email from her so I can get an idea of what to start with in regards to a costume (the fun part for me) and then an idea of specific type of songs, or maybe moves.
So many genre's to pick from, I guess I'll need to do research on it.

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Anonymous said...

What a great outlet for both Darius and yourself! I can hardly wait to hear how it goes!