Monday, February 26, 2007

Well, the doctor diagnosed me with a cold, and one that will require suffering to get past.
Hunter is oh so curious now. He's crawling fairly well, still a bit jerky, but very well indeed. He just discovered that he can go to a different room without mommy walking him there, and this afternoon he discovered big brother's room while I was trying to make my lunch.
It was cute, they surprised each other.
I have no appetite to speak of. Late at night I do, but not during the day.
Haven't had breakfast or lunch yet, but am making some soup and am trying to force myself to eat.
Chance stayed home from a training thingy today. Thank goodness cause I wouldn'tve been able to get to the Dr.'s otherwise. He even took both boys for me while I was at the Doctors. That was amazing.
Mom said she'd try and come home early, but I didn't see it as likely because it's a pay week for h er, which means extra work.
Hopefully I can get my car fized in the near future cause I can't stay housebound forever.

2 thoughtful remarks:

Anonymous said...

well hopefully all this sickness will net you 5 years of being sick-free! seems only fair.

Anonymous said...

gayle.... no freakin doubt. Better net us sick free for at least the rest of this year :P