Sunday, February 04, 2007

We've got freezing rainin a quarter inch layer on the ground right now.
Guess that scraps any plans that we may have of going anywhere's while the boys watch their football game this afternoon.
I'm tired.
Hunter is so cute.
He can sit on his own, and even crawls around, in his own floppy fashion. The community health nurse said that because he's so heavy that it's probly gonna take an extra bit for him to become completely mobile because of the weight that he needs to lift while crawling. He does get around quite well right now though, that's for cure.
When i was at the haircutters place the other day I bought D a nice little Tiara, and wheni got home, I made him a wand to go with it. That'll be posted to Flickrs sometime today.
We've been playing a lot of scrabble lately.
I wish I were in Vancouver.

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