Thursday, February 08, 2007


God, I'm tired. Lastnight was horrendeous. It was terrible.
I chatted with Pokie on the phone for a bit, invited her up for the 54-40 concert. Would be nice if she could get away just for a bit, even if it is only a couple of days worth and I'd really like to see her.
Today we have Baby group, and i need to drop off donations of old baby stuff that we don't need anymore.
Apparently we'll be making centerpieces for the Valentines Day dinner down at the Wellness Center where we have our Family Fun Night Dinners for the Elders.
I also need to go pay insurance, and hit the store up for some milk.
I so frickin tired it's not even funny. I swear I was up at every hour lastnight. And by up I meanI was out of bed. I hope to high heaven that I can get some sleep tonight.

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Anonymous said...

good grief, I can not believe the crap you went thru last night. Hope you took a good strip. MUM