Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Storm Trouble

All alone in the house today with H. Working on potty training, and after 1 day I manged to get him tot ell me he had to go potty twice, and one of the times he actually went. Victory can be found in persistence, consistence, and patience. I was invited to go south today to go visit a relative, and was forced to decline cause I don't want to break what I've got going by tossing him into a car seat with a regular diaper for that long...and never mind all the extra clothes I'd have to carry. We went through 5 pairs of pants yesterday alone, and that was before we switched to PJ's. Still, we're working with what we have, and I can wait it out.

Random thoughts for my day:

D has been traumatized, by which event I'm unsure. He's absolutely terrified of tornadoes, and bad weather. I know I've mentioned this before, but if it gets even mildly windy out he has a very difficult time going to sleep. He also has a horrid fascination with clouds and is positive one of them could turn into a tornado. What does this mean, you ask? It means as spring rolls in I'm finding it more and more difficult to get to him to go to sleep at night because he's been gazing out his window, or the wind is buffeting the house, and he's too scared to fall asleep. So my question is, how does one un-traumatize a child? What am I going to do with him, to help him get over these intense fear of storms? I'll be doing some research on it today

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Anonymous said...

Well two opposite tacts that might work. One would be to take him out there while holding him so he knows he's safe during high winds and explain that wind is from God or the earth or whatever your religious beliefs are. The other would be to get a kite or some other fun thing that requires wind, showing him that wind isn't always bad.

One note on the potty training if peeing is what you are training for it seems to be easier to teach them if they get to go outside at first (boys) they giggle and laugh and like to watch it etc.

Lastly repetition is the mother of consistency....

( for the record I don't know if any of that will work just throwin it out there!)