Monday, April 20, 2009


<------ Last week was one of those know, the kind where the kids nearly drive you nuts? H taught himself to climb up on the counter, all in the name of a Nintendo DS (no, I didn't do the dishes that day). I had told him he couldn't have it cause it needed to be charged, and when I passed back through the kitchen, this is what I found.
Yesterday, we were relaxing, playing video games...and while I was cooking dinner, this is what the boys got up to: ---------->
They tried their hardest to scare the jeepers out of me. They accomplished the first time cause I had NO idea where they had gone, until they popped out at me, nearly taking out my legs with the cupboard door. Yep, they're creative!

3 thoughtful remarks:

sheeneevee said...

try this one for cute onion head emoticons :)

Anonymous said...

kids tickle me!

Anonymous said...

lol, uh oh, you are in a world of trouble not that they are conspiring together.