Wednesday, April 15, 2009


How silly.
Once again, our hard drive has crashed. I'm at MIL's today, surfing via laptop, fulfilling my blogging and FB addiction.
Thankfully, tech savvy MIL's - S/O has put together a new Hard Drive for us that's ready to go today, so all we need to do is cart it back to our place and hook-er-up.
Along with this tidbit, Mr had an appt yesterday eve with his podiatrist who recommended he stay off his feet (and off from work) for another two weeks. I'm hoping we can utilitize the time to start our packing & inventory for the Month long Yard Sale we'll be having next month. I figure we can gather boxes and toss stuff in, and I can bring them to him to inventory for me. Something to keep him busy, and hopefully boost his spirits, the poor guy really needs it.
We had our PTO meeting lastnight, and am now starting to realize just how much I'm going to miss this particular group of parents. I have, after all, spent a whole lot of my time with them since D started school here. Meetings upon meetings, and I feel like I'm actually a part of a respected community of thinkers & movers who have no issues listening to what I have to say and resisting the urge to cackle at me. (I paint such vivid pictured don't I?) I've spent a lot of time investing myself in this community, and I'm really going to miss it.
Having to start that all over again after such a long commitment is rather daunting, and I'm really curious what I'll come up with to invest myself in once we get back home. I know I'll always be one of those folks who is constantly at my kids' schools, and will be on a first name basis with teachers & other school employees, and I can garuntee that all the students who'll attend with my kids will know me as well.
I'm trying so hard not to think of this move in a negative light, but it's extremely difficult to consider a large change without anxiety when you have an idea of what's coming at you. There's gonna be a world of No headed our way when we get there and I'm hoping to high heaven that it doesn't keep us down like it has previously.
Please tell me I've matured enough to be able to grasp what we're doing. Grant me ingenuity to guide us through that maze of No, and the connections to be able to help us when we can't find out way.
When will it be our turn to rest & relax & have a good year? Is there such a thing as an entire good year, or is it just random memories that make it so, with the bad stuff long forgotten? Am I just holding on too tightly here? I dunno.
I just really do think that it may be high time for a re-evaluation while I'm gearing could very well be the perfect time for change within myself, before the geographical change takes place.

"You two better brace yourselves for a whole lotta ugly comin' at you from a never ending parade of stupid" - Queen Latifah as MotorMouth Maybelle in Hairspray

3 thoughtful remarks:

the girl in stiletto said...

well, moving can be pretty scary sometimes. but who knows the new place will bring a lot more happiness to you & your family? whatever it is, i really wish everything will go well with your plan. you'll bring home anywhere you go :)

Anonymous said...

It will work out. Probably be better! As long as your fam. is there it will be fine!

good luck!

ceecee said...

I love yard sales! I've always attended them, but never had one. I've told my mom to have one...

I do wish you the best. It may feel as if you're never going to have that one year where you can relax and take it easy. You will get that one year, and you will get many more years to have that relaxation and worry-free life.

You will need to hang in there, not just for yourself, but for your family as well. Your kids will need you throug this time you guys are going through.