Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Hmmm, Let's Check

So, I'll to continue with my post about how my kids were driving me nuts last week...
We needed groceries, and decided to do a family shop (which I don't recommend to ANYone!) at Wal Mart, as lots of things needed to be accomplished at once, which would take one person an entire afternoon to do, rather than an hour as a family.
So, we loaded up, and hopped over to Wally World, and split up. The Mr with D, and H with me. I was doing the groceries, the Mr was getting a new set of keys cut for himself, and some paint, as he had lost his about 3 weeks ago, and we were using just my lonely set. He efficiently locked himself out one day, by separating the car key from the house key, and I put my foot down, telling him to get a new one cut.
About three aisles into my shop, H says he needs to go potty. I run to the back restroom, and I can literally see just how hard he's trying to hold it for me. We get into the sanctuary of the restroom, and there's a lineup. H had an accident waiting in line...poor little guy (My fault cause I didn't take him before we started). Of course, I had been too lazy to carry in the "spare" bag from the truck with us, so I had to drag both he, and my purse/cart to the nearest counter (fabric department, at least it wasn't busy) and have them page the Mr. Waiting...waiting...waiting, before I finally peek around the end of the aisle to see him casually checking out DVD's with D. He hadn't heard the page. I hollered at him to go to the truck for the "spare" bag, and made D wait with me & H.
Keep in mind, H is soggy all the way down to his ankles, and standing in the middle of the fabric department, and when he walks he's doing the bowlegged cowboy stalk. The boys content themselves looking at patterns and prints on the fabrics, before H says "I poopied".
I reply with "No you didn't, you're just soppy. Don't worry, Daddy will be back in a minute and we'll take care of it."
He says "I check!"
Can you guess what happened next??
Like any curious kid, he whips down both his pants & underwear, and bends down so his head is between his feet, and peers up at himself. "I no poopie!"
I wish I were that flexible.
By this time D & I are rushing towards him, one stands behind, one in front to cover him while I yard his wet garments back on.
Finally get my hands on the bag (ever notice how when you're waiting it seems to take for-ev-er but when you don't mind, it goes quickly?), and got him changed. I decided to snag both boys so Mr can finish his business in the boring department.
From there until we got up to the register, D was swinging from the cart, and from me. The kind like he's twirling around a pole...yarding on whatever he was holding on to. Each time it was the cart, I'd swerve into something, be it an end-cap, a shelf, or a few times I nearly hit people. It was embaressing, and despite my protests, he refused to stop. Each time we ended up too close to a shelf H would reach out of the seat of the cart and snag something from said shelf, and insist I buy it for him. He whined each time I said no.
Do you see what I mean about tag teaming? I'm worried there's some sort of telepathy at work here that only goes between my two boys.
Needless to say I felt a little frazzled by the time we reached the check-out and the Mr caught up with us. I managed to load the conveyor belt with the groceries, seperating them accordingly, and as I pulled the cart forward to do the bagging (I have reusable bags, which normal employees have no idea how to load, so I do it myself cause I'm quicker & more effecient), D was snagging candy off the shelf and pestering me, and H was pushing the buttons on the Card Slide Machine...
That was when I asked Mr to take them to the game room.
I don't shop with the entire family often, cause this is a regular occurence when that happens. When they team up on us it's difficult to do anything to control the situation, and most times we're left with the only seperate them. Most times someone will yard one child out to the truck, and strap them in, to wait for the others who were left in the store. Fortunately, I keep a toy bin in the truck, so they're usually not that bored while they wait (though I should make it more so, cause it's actually supposed to be a punishment, a loss of a privelige).
Anyhow...after the kids & Mr left me there, the check out gal said "I like the way you talk to them, it's strict, but not mean or frazzled."
That made me happy, cause it meant she couldn't see how I actually felt, and that I had kept it together quite nicely, despite the chaos they had brought on.
I glided home on air after that...thanks lady who works at Wal Mart, you made that trip bearable!

4 thoughtful remarks:

Debbie said...

oh god, i try to avoid taking my kids to ANY store.

Janet said...

it's so nice to get positive feedback!

Jack said...

I really don't know how you kept it together... I would have been frazzled to the point of leaving.

I'm so glad those days are only memories to me now. lol

Andhari said...

It means you really do the right things :)