Saturday, April 11, 2009

It's Been A Week?

I've been busy, I just don't feel like it.
Had a Dr's appt yesterday for the boys. Just a check up, no illnesses. Got a few things cleared up, a new fluoride RX and a few questions answered. H was incredibly ornary during, and it took everything I had just to keep him in the exam room long enough for the Dr to do his check-up before chasing him into the lobby to play with our Taxi Driver. Not sure how I feel about some of the things he said, will have to give it some thought.
Dyed some Eggs with H for the first time Thursday night. What an interesting tradition that is. I was raised a cross between Atheist and J/W. We just didn't do Easter, outside the Cadbury Creme Eggs of course. I've taken D to a couple of Egg Hunts at public places, but we've never celebrated it. I'm learning more and more about it as I go, and I just find it fascinating both in what it represents, and what it's been turned into. Anyhow, we had fun. I thought the eggs were supposed to be emptied out by poking a hole in them or something (seems I recall someone telling me that ages ago), but my Mr instructed me to boil them instead...which I did. Don't ask me how many got broken once I got H up to the counter...I thought I was safe cause they were hard boiled, right? Wrong. So, we got our containers of food coloring & vinegar & water, and got to work. I think they turned out pretty good considering I was going by the seat of my pants and had no idea what it was that I was doing (but how hard could it be?).
I've been sewing in between. Working on smaller projects that I can finish in an hour or so, keeping them small so I don't distract myself from the kids. Am thinking I'm just gonna sew as much as I can before we start our moving sales and see if i can't sell a few things int he midst.
I'm sick of TV. Spring break, having Mr home for the last month...I'm sick of it. I'm going to officially unplug it, and instruct my family they aren't allowed to watch it. I'm sick of it. I'm tired of hearing the commercials, I'm tired of my family being turned into brainless zombies with bloodshot eyes. Enough is enough and I'm putting my foot down.
I made & ate Hummus for the first time last night. I rather enjoyed it. It was bland, and not made by the book, but with what I had on hand. I hope this is the beginning of a garbanzo bean love affair.
Started watching Relative Strangers? Anyone seen it, funny as snot, the first half that I watched.
I'm trying to get everything prepared for tomorrow's venture to FIL's. Got some plastic eggs to go with the ones we dyed for an Egg hunt. Debating on what to bring food-wise. They said they don't need anything, but I feel nearly obligated to bring something. I think I may just make up some bread rolls & leave it at that, though I wouldn't mind making some cookies as well.
Been feeling rather restless of late. I know I'm procrastinating. I should be getting boxes from the local stores to start packing stuff in. Gotta start packing away what I want to take, and making a list of what were selling. A list that can be easily read so that we can keep track of what we're making when the days come for the sales. Did I mention we're aiming for 5 weekends straight of Moving Sales from our place?? We don't do anything just normally, everything we do is over-the-top. I just hope it can go smoothly. So, all of May, and the first weekend in June, and anything left over will be donated after that. God I hope I can survive until we leave.
Anyhow, off to go distract the kids from harming each other....

3 thoughtful remarks:

Jodi said...

Wanna hear something hubby and I used to color eggs when we were first married. He always would take care of making the eggs because I have never or will never eat a hard boiled egg. They smell and I just can't do it. LOL! Anyway, he had me make them one year. Keep in mind I never made them before in my life.

Let's just say, I didn't know you were supposed to put them in the water from the beginning. Whoopsy!

Amarie said...

Sounds like you definitely need a break, Dear!

Have a great weekend and thanks for stopping by the giveaway :-).

Jack said...

We always remove the inside of the egg by putting a tiny hole at the top and bottom and letting the insides drain into a bowl, then we would colour them.

I haven't coloured Easter eggs in years... I miss having little ones around to do these fun activities with :(

Have a great weekend!