Monday, April 06, 2009

One Project Down...

Still have a few to go before I can safely tuck my machine away.
We've been discussing our moving options of late, and it took me by surprise that we'll be moving out of this home at the end of May. That's when our lease ends. We'll only be moving to MIL's until we're ready to hit the road (which shouldn't be more than two weeks I hope), but we'll still be moving. Really, really shocked me when it was put into that perspective. It's time to start boxing up what I want to take, and setting it aside so I can be sure it doesn't get lost. It's time to start getting stuff we don't want anymore, and a clear inventory ready for the moving sale that will hopefully raise some decent funds to help us cross the country yet again. I'm ambitiously aiming to have one suitcase of clothing for each of us to take. I'm assuming I can allow for one box each of winter apparel. I do know we won't be able to take a whole lot as we're obviously restricted to the amount of room available in the moving truck we'll be renting.

ANYhow...this past weekend's project was for the boys. I kept saying I was gonna make them bed curtains, because H likes to sleep in later than his brother, and because the bright light has a tendency to wake him up a bit too early. Nevermind the fact that the blankets & sheets kept getting dirtied because they would steal them from the closet and make forts that would then be under attack by something strange. So, I finally finished them.
Last year around this time I had gotten some turtle fabric for the front, and some yellow flannel for a backing. I had originally bought it to make curtains for our old place, but never got around to it (cause I was too busy home schooling & such), so the stuff came with us in our move here. I did make curtains with it for their room, but it was a while before we finally got that bunk bed.
I had been pondering for a while how I was going to get them to stay up across the long, open part, but then the answer came to me while I was cleaning MIL's basement. There was a fabulous shower tension rod that was mine for the, I took it. It works wonderfully, made my job a bit easier, and is just the right size.
Now, even though there is only two open sides available I made three curtains. The light comes in a the head of the bed because it's right next to the window, so I covered it up. It makes it sufficiently dark in there for him to fall asleep in the middle of the day, AND I can turn on the bedroom light in the morning and not worry about waking him up when I knock big brother out of bed.
Yes, the boys' room is a bit of a mess. When I sew I abandon all other ventures, ignore what other things need to be done...and go with it. Sure, it makes for a bit of a backlog in house-work, but I'm willing to do it if I can create something in the time available.
Moving on. It's not been an entire week of potty training, and H has done both deeds on the throne. He knows fully what it's for, and has given us enough time to make it to one when we're out with him. We've been sleeping the past three nights with just the training pants, and though I was a bit hard put to find something to go on the mattress in case of accidents (I ended up going with a clear sheet of vinyl that I had gotten to make a stroller shield out of) I found something and the coast was wonderfully clear. H hasn't had any accidents. I'm wondering if he ever will. I'm now working on trying to get him to sleep in his bed all night, with a combo of weaning. Dangerous territory, but I figured if we're gonna start some change we might as well go for the whole she-bang. I hope it goes as smoothly as the potty training.

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the girl in stiletto said...

owh i never like moving :( i just hate the fact that i cant bring everything i own. but then again, if it's for good cause, moving forward is the best plan, right? hope everything goes well with your plan, amber!

btw, that cute curtain for the bunk bed reminds me of my childhood. me & my sisters always hung our blankets to make a fort & finished up my dad's torchlight battery, reading storybooks, ahh good ol' days :)

Jack said...

I love that curtain for the bunk beds... my kids would have loved something like that when they were youngsters.

Packing for the move, may be a great time to do some spring cleaning and purging things you don't need or use anymore... I love doing that :)

My expressions LIVE said...

Moving...all I have to say is ughhh....I hope we never move least until I retire...then I hope we have a couple of places where it is warm.

Anonymous said...

I have moved and moved, all within 3 miles! I hateeeeeeeeeee it!

Good luck with the sleeping thing!