Friday, April 03, 2009

The End Of The Week

I'm tired. This whole past 30 days has felt like a gi-normous blur. Busy busy busy, and even though I'm getting plenty of rest in between, I still just feel bagged. I guess it's more emotional than anything. I'm emotionally drained. It's taken more out of me than I thought it would.
We had a fundraising wrap up meeting that went kinda rough, as there was an incident at the function last Friday Night, and a police report was eventually filed with it. Sad.
There are a great range of emotions that I feel when I think about the situation.
As a regular parent I'm upset about the way it was handled, and I feel like I have definitely lost faith in the way the school system handled it. It makes me feel as if my son could not be safe there because in the end, all they did was cover their own backsides and shoved those involved out of the way, and did their best to ignore it all together.
As a PTO member I feel betrayed. We PTO members as an organization, are there to work with the school administration. I've sat across from our principal for many months now, attending each meeting with them. We are not allowed to do anything without the principal's OK because they ultimately judge whether or not the school board & such would approve. I feel like rather than jointly taking any blame and being human about it (and actually apologizing, or showing sympathy, or empathy), the principal shoved any responsibility directly onto our PTO and essentially said that the school had nothing to do with it. That hurts. We're supposed to work together, and when the heat was on, we were abandoned, and left high & dry. There was absolutely NO together in this incident at all. It could have all been avoided had they just said we're sorry, how can we help? That would've been the human response.
I was initially really upset because I thought one of the folks involved belonged to our BSA Pack, and in the end I found it was a miscommunication and I was mistaken. Thankfully.
Darius has been having a rough time of it with Violin, and today we relinquished his instrument. We had a very hectic schedule, and even with the two of us at home, could not manage (well, ok, maybe if we had tried harder) to get him to keep up his practicing and interest in his violin lessons. I'm nearly sad to see it go. He was pretty good at it, even though he was just a beginner.
We've gotten his report card today, and I was really happy to see that he's improved since last quarter, and he's now reading at the 2nd Grade level. We've evolved into Chapter books. I still need to work on his writing with him though.
Spring break starts today for him...we've signed him up for a spring break day camp at the YMCA just down the road from us.
Hunter...we've been potty training since Monday. I'm glad I'm persistent. We are now to the point where he wants to go potty, lets me know, and heads there on his own. He still doesn't do his #2 business on the toilet, but I can handle that. Patience and persistence. I feel fantastic that he's doing such a great job in his potty training. We've even cast out the dreaded potty seat and adjusted to going without a mini seat for his mini bottom. Yesterday we took our first long drive (just about an hour in the car straight) with him in his "big boy undies". He slept on the way there, but on the way back we were required to stop and find a bathroom for him to use. I'm happy that all the spare pants and undies I packed went unused.
On that note, that drive we took was to take little H to the dentist. He had his first cleaning & fluoride treatment, and has now scheduled an appointment to have his first two fillings out of four done. The Dr separated it into two visits because he doesn't want to numb his whole mouth, and instead just do a half. I really enjoyed the dentist's office, as it was the first I've seen like it. He seemed calm and relaxed, and confident in what he was doing. For me that's just a real big relief. He's not like the other whack jobs we've come across, and I'm hoping it's ok to place my faith in him.
I'm hoping I can get back into a routine without the Mr here as quickly as possible. Funny, when he first stayed home I couldn't stand him that he's headed back to work I'm wondering how lonely I'll get.
We drove my MIL home the other night, in preparation (we were going to borrow her car to drive there, rather than drive our gas guzzling SUV) for the dentist's appointment. H & I drove her home (yes, I broke the law) and waited around her house until H had to go, to avoid an accident. By the time we were on our way home, it was dark, and clear, and warm out. H was watching out the window, spying things. He eventually said "Wow, look at those stars mommy." which then lead to "Those stars are beautiful!"
Warmed my was surely needed.

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Mariposa said...

So many things going...

I wish you a relaxing weekend...will be back later to read more and with a better head...bec I just feel like this post is in some ways describing me! LOL

Now you remind me of Friday Fill Ins...will check it once mine is posted!

Anonymous said...

you surely were busy!
maybe this month will be better!

Jodi said...

My goodness you really have been busy!! Keep your chin up about the whole PTO thing. It is sad when people disappoint you like that.

Awww that was cute about the stars!!! Kids say the cutest things sometimes.