Saturday, April 18, 2009

Movie Night Antics

It was movie night with D tonight.
Kicked the Mr & H outta the house (it's UFC fight night, after all) and got down to business. Picked out a movie, only to realize the site would take an eternity to buffer. Bummer. got a quarter of the way through it before I just said, OK, we'll let it buffer overnight, and finish watching it tomorrow.
It made me happy when he came downstairs to join me in getting ready (he was in charge of pillows & blankets, as we'd be on the floor in front of the computer) while I made the snacks. He got a hold of the remote for the TV and changed the channel to a music channel. Much to my delight he first chose a top 20 channel with a good beat, and boogied his little heart out to a song that he said was groovy. Let me tell you, there ain't nothin cuter than a lil 7 y/o trying to shake his bum in your general direction. Then after it ended and we were both bopping up a storm (me while I was washing dishes, him while transferring pillows & blankets) he switched it to some sort of classical/showtunes kinda station and pretended to be a ballerina/opera singer. He had me rolling, I was giggling so hard.
He insisted I make him a special "scientist" concoction for a portion of his snack. He had me mix baby goldfish crackers, with pickle slices, and whipped cream (from the can). I tried to tell him it would make him sick, but he insisted. He ate one bite and left it alone.
I'm making popcorn at the stove and he was walking by. He stopped to watch, and decided to play punch my thigh. He did it again, and then again before finally saying..."You jiggle!" "Just like your tummy!"
Oh god...let me die now.
We're laying on our comfy pile of blankets & pillows, and I sling my arm up under my head...he's looking over at me. I turn to look at him, and he says "You have hairy armpits!" "Don't worry everyone has hairy armpits. Well, everyone except kids & babies." How do you respond to that??
During spring break we were all bumming around the house and he was browsing the movie channels and actually chose Hairspray to watch with me. He dragged me to the couch, plunked me down and snuggled up...did I mention he booted dad out for it?
I love my boy...and I would definitely love to have more moments like these...

6 thoughtful remarks:

Jodi said...

More evidence that kids say the darndest things.

Anonymous said...

my kids tell me regularly I'm fat!
I reckon I oughta lose some then huh?

Sounds like a good day!

Andhari said...

AHHHHHH i would pout myself but who could put to such cute kid?

the girl in stiletto said...

that was an excellent movie night! he sure is funny funny little man. he reminds me of my little brother who used to say "euwww" to hairy armpits. i responded by saying: "wait for a few more years my friend" hahahah.

Evie said...

Sounds like a very nice evening in. And he already appreciates grooving to music at that age? Future girl magnet on the dance floor!!

Anonymous said...

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