Monday, April 20, 2009


I haven't felt like this in a long time.
I have that pit in my stomach, a cold sweat, clammy hands, and I feel like I'm gonna puke at any given second. I'm disappointed, but I'm relieved.
We've decided on our moving date, for July, instead of June when I first thought. That's a lot for me to swallow, but I have a sense of relief that we have a clearer idea of what we'll be doing.
There are perks to our decisions, such as the ability to set a clearer date, and route that we'll be taking, and a clearer plan of action as to how we'll make everything work. It's always been an issue for us to set a clear goal, or plan, because most times whenever we set a plan in motion, something goes wrong and we have to change it. At least this time we know (I hope) what we're doing.
Another perk, is that my family has agreed to meeting any blogger friends that I request to meet along the way.
So, to those friends who read my blog regularly...this goes out to you. In July, we'll be taking this route:
We'll be passing through Northern Indiana, Northern Illinois, right through the middle of Iowa, Southern South Dakota, Northern Wyoming, Western Montana, Northern Idaho & Central Washington.
Anyone wanna take a jaunt to meet for a coffee? Granted, we won't be able to stray from our course, as I'm not really in charge of driving (I'm not allowed to drive in the USA, legally), and it won't be my vehicle...but anyone willing to meet us (yes, that means my entire family) on our course, would be welcome. SO LONG AS YOU AREN'T A Phsycho or murderer ;oD, feel free to email me (pantherpaw18 AT hotmail DOT com) to count you in! If I can meet even one of you, I'll console myself to the new plan, LOL
This feeling will pass, once I get over the dates, and stare brightly at the sunnier side of things (cause there are plenty). I'm still getting what I asked for, just in a different time frame. All will be well.

6 thoughtful remarks:

Coffee Slut said...

Crap, Western Massachusetts isn't on your route!

Lois Lane said...

Nor is the Mid-Atlantic....damn!

Kitten said...

Nor is any other part of New England!

Jack said...

I can see how you might be a little nervious about the journey your about to embark's a big move!

I'm excited to be following your journey via your blog.

Love the new look btw :)

Amarie said...

I so wish we could meet up, but you're going in the opposite direction lol! Just know that along the way, all your bloggy friends are here, and we hope you keep us updated :-).

My expressions LIVE said...

Well we will have to see what route you take through IL...;)