Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter Visiting

I'm pooped.
We headed north to go to FIL's for the night on Saturday. Wow, stayed up late visiting and hob knobbing. Woke up early Sunday morning to play with D, have a quiet Easter morning, and then everyone knocked themselves outta bed. The older boys went fishing first thing, while I cooked breakfast (Blackberry pancakes, sausage & eggs YUM!) Washed dishes, showered, played outside with kids. Romped in the yard, played inside for a bit. Went for another romp round the pond, came in for dinner (round 3pm). Ham, mashed potatoes, veggies...yum. Had our Egg Hunt, then the boys then headed to a Wal Mart (the closest one to where we were) in Greenville Pen. I made them leave me at FIL's with other ladyfolk by myself, kid-free.
I sat in their hot tub for about an hour, maybe 80 min's (it was only set to 98F). Was nice...chatting, relaxing. Got out, did dishes, tidied dressed and played outside with kids.
Got to watch a couple of movies we hadn't seen in a while, and listen to some great Vinyl. Don't get any better than that.
We said our goodbye's, hit a McD's and headed for home. We literally all dredged in the door...I collapsed on the couch with H in hand, and Chance put D up in his bed. It was too bright for my liking, so I pulled my hat down, and fell asleep...with H on my lap, right there on the couch. I blame all that hot tub time.
I woke up sometime after midnigh, looked around anf figured the Mr had headed to bed cause there weren't any lights ont...checked my email, and went to bed. Rustled with H a bit to get him to sleep, but eventually I fell off the edge of the earth until my alarm went off this morning. I'm gonna nap hard at some point in time today, I can feel it. I'd say it was a pretty successful visit.

5 thoughtful remarks:

the girl in stiletto said...

have i told you how adorable your kids are? maybe i have but i'm gonna say it again! they're so adorable!!!! lol your easter weekend seemed very much fun. and yum to the breakfast too! yum yum.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a full day!

excellent time with family. Pretty babies too.

Andhari said...

I think I read 3 previous blogs including the word, "I'm pooped" is that a catchphrase for Monday? LOL. Loving the pictures, the kids are so adorable. But no surprise there, right?:)

Jack said...

Sounds like a fun holiday weekend Amber... Loved the photo of the lil'one with the fish on his line :)

Janet said...

I'm glad you had a good time :-)