Thursday, April 16, 2009


Daydreaming while I was doing the dishes. How cool would it be for me to visit my blog friends on my way across the country? Nothing special, just a pit-stop for coffee, and a quick hello. Ahhh, how accomplished I feel. LOL

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the girl in stiletto said...

lol. in that daydream, i'm on my way to make a pit stop & have a cup of coffee with you :)

btw, i've an awesome vespa-friendship award waiting for you :)

Jack said...

That would be fun Amber!

Andhari said...

I love blog meet ups, I keep day dreaming about it myself because I'm actually living near no one. :) That'd be cool.

skywind said...

Everyone has the power to Daydreams. LOL
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Anonymous said...

Sounds like fun to me!

Coffee Slut said...

The coffee is always on here!

Osbasso said...

I have met a couple dozen bloggers. It's a kick! Would love to be on that list of yours!

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