Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Yet another productive day.
I'm actually getting intot his busy a nuts everyday thing. Always have something planned for the day, keeping the kids busy.
Today was Hunter's first full day in daycare. I had parent duty on at pre-school, and then I had a Dr's appointment at 2, so I just left him there while I got those accomplished. I stopped by for an hour at lunchtime of course, to feed him, and they said he slept for 45 minutes after I left, which was a good sign of his adjustment. I don't plan on making it a habit of leaving him there all day of course, but it was nice to know that they are reliable and capable of putting him to sleep without me being there. They even commented on how I "Really know My baby".
I got a full blood screen done after my Dr's appointment, and got my annual done, and I'm schedualled for a 24 EKG on the 25th. Joy.
Yesterday I had my orientation at the gym, which was very positive. I've got the kids booked in for tommorow night...and I'm hoping to go every two nights. Here's hoping.
Got hooked up with an old friend...talkin to her on th ephhone right now...
I still see the huge gap at the top of my annoying.

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