Sunday, May 27, 2007

I weigh 140 pounds. I had to size my watch down this morning, because I discovered that I was able to slip it on and off my wrist without undoing the clasp. Yikes. Concentrated on it, and removed 4 links for it to fit nicely. I wonder why I never sized it down before...hmm. I'm pretty sure that the last time I checked how much I weighed I was in the 150 region, but it could've been 145 as well...I can't remember. Must be a combination of my diet, and the gym?
I have really teeny wrists.
So the conference yesterday was ok. The first workshop, and the keynote speaker were terrific...but the last two workshops were really boring, and the last one was just plain useless. It was disorganized, and the other two women who attended with mom and I turned it into their personal therapy session. How annoying. Mom won a doorprize...after they called both numbers on either side of her and had me giggling so hard I had tears.
They had a really yummy lunch of wraps from a place called Hungry Hound. Fresh fruit and muffins, plus the wraps and coffee and tea and water. Was very well organized that way.
So, the place had no air conditioning and the first room we were in for our first two workshops was stuffy and muggy and warm. Yucky. The last room we were in was the coolest, and about 10 minutes into it our facilitator looked like he was ready to pass out, so one of the other ppl offered to get him a glass of water. He was a large, heavyset, older man, and by the time I looked up (I was concentrating on the handouts) he was drenched in sweat and realy shaky looking. So, someone came in and turned on the window unit air conditioner and it cooled off a bit and he got better. Scary.
Darius met a new friend and every time I checked on him he was doing something with her, or they were holding hands on their way to do something else. Hunter was tired all day, and though our workshops were only an hour and a half each, he was real happy to see me ech time I went to visit and nurse him. They had a last minute opening in the daycare there for us. It was really busy...5 adults, so I'm guessing the full 20 kids, so I just kept Hunter with me for most of the last workshop. After the first one he took a nap, so he was there all day, but they didn't have to do a whole lot.
Had to take my monitor back afterwards, but when i arrived to the Cardiology unit at the hospital, the door was closed and the sign on it said they closed at 4 (it was now 4:45) and if needed to go to the front desk and have them page someone. I was worried cause if I had known they would be closed I would've cut outta the workshop at lunchtime to get it off. took them about 15 minutes to get a hold of someone by paging them, then another 10 for someone to show up. I removed it myself, left it on the desk, and left.
I hadn't realized that it was actually a gel sticky on the inside (I guess it makes sense, kind of like an ultrasound) and got it on my shirt and fingers as I was removing the pads. Later on in the evening I was getting ready to go out with mom, and I looked in the mirror and noticed I had suction cup marks on my chest! I giggled cause I thought everyone knew, and didn't tell me. They hadn't looked that close though. So I scrubbed and scrubbed, but they didn't come off. I'm wondering how long the sticky is gonna be there before it wears off.
I had 3 people ask me yesterday if I was pregnant. I wore a shirt that had shirring in the front, to allow room for the monitor, and it left a bump. I felt fat. That was before I discovered I could slip my watch off though.
I really enjoyed our keynote speaker, and am contemplating getting her book to help me teach Darius stuff. Cynthia Tobias, The Way They Learn. She was very humerous, and informative. So was our first workshop leader, a pastor from a local church about the anger in parenting. He used real life examples, was very approachable and humerous. I really enjoyed it and felt I had come away having learned something.
We went and got pepsi floats from DQ lastnight...yummy! There was a long line up at DQ though, and just before we stopped and put gas in Kimmie's van (Hunter really likes Kimmie's van) and a movie was just getting out. It reminded me that I really wanna take D to see Shrek the 3rd and Pirates of the Caribbean 3. I wonder if that'll happen wiht my budgeting.
I hate not working, and I hate having to ask for my money because then i feel guilty if I don't stick exactly to my budget. I feel like a schmo.
On our way home we seen a bunch of firetrucks and cop cars and looky-loos at the front of our park, and this morning castanet says there was a housefire here lastnight that damaged two homes. This morning there's ash all over the place outside, and not just fine ash, big chunks of ash. Must've been windy.

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