Friday, May 25, 2007

It's funny how the nights where I've gotten the least amount of sleep usually lead to my busiest and productive days.
Had an evening nap with th boys. After we all go tup, I cooked dinner, ate and started cleaning. Got the table cleared off and sorted. Everything put away nicely. Tidied up the living room and entryway. Vacuumed, then did a couple of loads of laundry. I finished hanging the pictures in D's room, made his bed, and tidied it up a bit. Took the kids outside to enjoy the cooler evening temperatures, then came in and got them ready for bed. I kept thinking that there was something I had to do tommorow, but couldn't member what. Then mom and Kimmie got home and she asked what time we had to be there...I clued in a few minutes later...LOL. I had forgotten about the parenting conference.
I feel better that the house is tidier. I always seem to let it go for a few days, then I just get a buzz and clean, clean, clean.
I need to fold my laundry before I hit the hay. I really need to go to bed early tonight so I'm not tired for tommorow.
These adhesive thingies for my EKG are itchy and annoying. I'm glad it's only a 24 hour period that I need to wear them for.
I still need to make my bed and put my laundry away. Guess I should get to.

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