Thursday, May 31, 2007

Slept in this morning, and then got my butt in gear. We all showered (my time is now down to 30 minutes!), then went and did a few errands. Went to the bank, and switched money over, then went grocery shopping for sandwhich stuff and the like, then came home and packed a cooler, and it was off to the beach! We didn't get there until, like, 1:30, but we didn't leave until just after 5pm.
I was silly and made D drink a load of water, and then he went on the swings right afterwards, and stayed on them for too long, so his tummy was upset and he got the hiccups. :o(
We came home, and here we are...
I still need to go to the gym tonight. I'm really enjoying the time I get to myself at the gym. I don't think about things, but focus on how hard I'm pushing myself. I'd like to think I'm seeing results already, but I've only been, like, 4 times. Oh long as I stick to.
I really want to apply for the Summer Camp Leader position through WFN.CA but am really debating whether it would be beneficial. Hunter would require full time daycare, which is available, but at what cost? Would I just be putting all my money into daycare and not earning, or would he suffer at all from it?
I also feel intimidated, like it's over my head to apply...I dunno.
Uploaded pics to Flickr.

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