Sunday, May 13, 2007

Sunday Again

It's been a long week,,,it just seemed to keep going.
Wednesday I had Duty Parent day at D's preschool, and Thursday I dropped D off at daycare cause he wanted to play with some kids. Friday I had the boys all to myself, and boy was it a long one. It was one of those days where Darius didn't stop talking, not even to breathe.
Did lots of shopping this week. I bought an old sewing table and am now using it as my comp desk, a bedside shelf narrow enough to fit between my bed and the wall, and a new entertainment stand for D's room that has the tv up too high for H to turn off on big brother.
I also bought a new corkboard and a new shelf for my room. I moved Hunter's dresser to the living room to give me some extra room in my closet. I brought out D's chalkboard and hung it in his room, though i found out it won't hold magnets, which was disappointing. Now I don't know what I'm going to do to hold the choreboard that I want to make, but it just might end up being the new corkboard...we'll see.
I'm quite proud I got almost all that I wanted to accomplish this week done...minus the fact that I can't seem to find all the components to the computer, we'll see how quikly I can get it set up. I'd like to get it networked with mom's so I can share an internet connection, but we'll see how that'll work out...may have to call in Tyler for a night. ;oD
I've been going through a whole range of feelings this week. I've been angry, sad, and disappointed, to being really hopeful. I'm hoping the rollercoaster will stop soon so I can get some clear headedness and not be so disoriented.
Thank god I have kids or this stuff going on would be ten times life is functioning right now solely because of them. I'm a better person right now solely because of them.
Who knew?

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