Wednesday, May 30, 2007

I'm amazed at how much Hunter has grown since we began feeding him solids on a regular basis. He's just before a growth spurt right now, so he look's like a Timbit. All round, and sweet, and you feel like you could just nibble him up. He's still really independant. Wanting to feed himself, so I'm gonna hafta bite the bullet and put down a tablecloth (one of those plastic ones from the dollar store) under his chair and let him fly at it with a spoon and some food, cause he doesn't open his mouth wide enough anymore for you to do it.
Am also just gonna go gung ho on the finger foods, cause he's close enough now that I don't need to worry, cept for the ones that contain dairy of course.
Found a whole scwack of ppl I went to high school with on Facebook yesterday, was actually kinda scary. My vanity always ocmes into play during those times, as I'm sure everyone's does. the need to impress, to say, look how great I am now.
My interview yesterday at Quality Greens was kinda nerve wracking. I don't have a whole lot of interviews under my belt, and I always feel a little unprepared for them, though I hope my honesty helps me out with those I'm not entirely certain they do.
She asked about my past work history (what sort of terms I left on), family, time schedual, pay expectations, amount of detail, how I handle disgruntled customers, why I'd make a good addition to their team, why they should hire me, why I think they'd find me valuable. Oy. Wasn't prepared to answer questions like that at all...just for a cashier's job?
Afterwards, I went and picked up mom and the boys from McDonalds (dropped em off so D could burn off some steam) and found D thoroughly engrossed in a conversation with this other boy. I was impressed because I've never found another boy who chats as much as D does and can. Exchanged phone numbers with the boys' mother and she left...soon after so did we.
Took D to the gym while mom and Hunter took a nap, and he played hard. D was supposed to have taken a nap yesterday, but he didn't. So, today is now a nap day cause when he gets tired he talks more, gets more rowdy, and is much more prone to temper tantrums. What child isn't, though, right?
I pushed myself pretty hard at the gym lastnight, and am surprised I'm not sore today. guess that's a good thing. I think it's fair to say I enjoy the gym, but I don't enjoy walking or running outside where everyone can see me. I must be afraid I'd look like a girly girl.
Yesterday was pretty busy, had the dentists with D, my councilling appt, then i had an interview and then the gym. Lotsa stuff.
The dentist said that D's filling had popped out again (the one I just had replaced not too long ago) and he has to refill it, and this time he's actually gonna do it and not the guy in Peachland. Interesting. Annoying how they keep popping out. I'm amazed D doesn't say anything about it hurting or nothin.
Anyhow, don't have much planned for today, though I'd like to enjoy some time outside and get some sun, it depends on how bad my allergies get.
I think the boys have allergies too, cause they're sniffly, and sneezy too, specially when we go outside. Hmm...

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