Friday, May 18, 2007


Well, we haven't exactly followed everything to a T yet, at least we've gotten ourselves into the habit of a routine.
In the mornings, the kids play with Kimmie while I get a few small things done like put away laundry and do my morning computer time.
I change Hunter's diaper, then get him fed. On mornings where Kimmie isn't here, we all sit down to breakfast at the table and talk about what we want to do that day.
Darius seems a lot happier and accepting when I don't spring things like a nap on him suddenly. When I tell him he's going to have a nap that day, when the time comes he says I don't want to, but goes down anyways.
Lunch is the same, we usually all sit down, or maybe Darius is watching a movie while I feed Hunter.
We play, explore and have fun. Then when dinner hits we all sit down again (most times it's not always at the table, but I do try and get at least 2-3 dinners at the table during the week). Darius is doing better at focusing on eating, and though he's still not willing to sit down for the entire duration, at least he's not up and about after the first bite.
I'm happy that Hunter agrees with having his face wiped after eating. I don't tend to be real messy, but when he has dark foods and such he really needs it and doesn't really complain unless I go over his nose too many times cause he feels like he can't breathe.
Hunter has been trying to stand on his own so much he takes at least 3 spills during each part of the day. He gets upset, then as soon as he's comforted he's off again to try to manage standing on his own.
Yesterday I took 2 hours and re-organized and cleaned Darius'es room. We hit the Bargain Store earlier in the morning where I bought a cheap plastic corner shelf, and a few bins to go on his other wooden shelf.
I have his toys in bins, threw out all of his guns, sorted out the warmer clothes he doesn't need, sorted out playclothes and put them on a different shelf, hung up his backpacks, set up a lamp, hung up his shoes, put a laundry basket in the room, and got rid of a lot of garbage. I'm really happy with the way it looks in there now. Now all I hafta do is make his bed...and mine.
My comp isn't fully hooked up in my room yet, but I'm not too worried about it right now, I can still do things in my room, it's just quieter.
Today I'm going to vacuum and hopefully, if all goes well, wash the floors. Then I'm planning on getting some of the bathroom cleaned. We shall see.
Gotta work on some more phonics and addition and subtraction with D today. He seems to understand them so well, I'm very proud.
Hunter would hardly sleep yesterday, I htink his teeth were bothering him.
We traded in all of our "bad" games for the Gamecube...for Shrek Smash N Crash, Spongebob Squarepants and something Bikini, and a new Sonic, and a new Super Monkeyball 1.
It truly amazes me just how much Hunter eats in one sitting...I never really expected a whole container to go in one shot this quickly, but he's got a good appetite I suppose. I can't believe it's one more month till his birthday and till the time I plan on weaning.
I looked on the Job Bank and such lastnight, and I know of a few places that are hiring, this weekend I plan on focusing on my resume and doing a few cover letters up.I liked the look of...:
- Quality Greens
- Advocare
- Kelowna Cabs (I dunno)
- Old Castle Glass
- La Casa ($13 for housekeeping)
- Canadian Tire (I dunno if they're hiring, but I may just drop one off anyways)
- Home Depot
- Sensisyuesten (Dunno if I'd be eligable since I'm not a band member)
Hopefully I'll slip into a job soon, cause I'd like to feel like I'm not revolving completely around the kids all the time.
Darius is just so helpful these days. He holds doors open for me, usually carries a bag (diaper or lighter), locks the doors on the car for me, does up his own seatbelt, listens when I say he's gone too far away and comes back, plays nicely and speaks nicely with me. though it's gonna take a tremendous amount of effort I'm trying to deprogram all of the bad things like the bad video games, movies, and behaviors that he learned from these things by eliminating them and correcting. He seems a lot less frustrated, and even a little less shy. The other night a prenting group he said "Mommy, I'm going to be brave and go and ask her what her name is!" I told him I thought that was a wonderful idea, but he had to wait until they were both finished eating first.
I'm planning on hunting down a couple of nice frames and hanging them up in my room. I think I may still have a few in storage actually, now that I think about it. Gotta get some updated photos printed off of Chance and us. I'm thinking I may hang a few of Daddy and Darius in his room to go with the shirt, so Darius can talk to him anytime.
I'm surprisingly content with how my life is at this moment. I'm not as angry as I was last week. Life is continuing as usual, minus one.
I miss Chance a lot during the days...chatting with him, pointing out silly things on the street, laughing with or at him...but mostly it's nightime that's the worst. It's quiet and almost unnerving, until I refocus my mind on what needs to be accomplished the next day. Then I make my nightly list, and turn off the lights and go to bed. I like how my room is pitch black.

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