Friday, May 25, 2007

All Hooked Up

Got myself down to the Hospital ontime...for once. Ended up their appointment just before mine arrived at the same time I did and took them a few minutes to sort everything out. Argh.
Anyhow, took hunter with me, who slept until just before I had to get hooked up. He did ok.
Have a bunch of wires and sticky pads on me now, plus thing thing hangin round my neck...yay me. Put a tank top on to keep the wires secore and to protect it from roaming fingers. Hopefully all will be well.
They said I can take it back anytime tommorow, which is nice because now I don't hafta worry about interrupting my parenting with Piazzaz conference.
Hunter had been just so grouchy the last few days...he refuses to sleep, and sometimes is just plain unhappy with anything and everything. Squirms and wriggles if you hold him, asks to be held when he's down. Boy it must suck to not be able to express yourself clearly.
Must be teething or something.
Have nothing else schedualed today.
Got my resume done, just need to make some adjustments to it, then am planning on emailing it off to a few more places. Would be nice if I could squeek into Timmy's...I'm really liking the idea of free doughnuts.
Worked on our gifts for Chance this morning, since D decided to wake us all up before 7am. Got them finished, and wrapped and to the post office when I took D to Sport N Splash.
His teacher said he did terrific today, and had no problems at all...I'm always relieved to hear that. Maybe I'm the high strung one.
Bought Hunter some new Gerber Finger Foods lastnight at Wal Mart when I went and got my sunglasses. He really seems to like them. The package says not for babies under 1 year, but one month can't do that much harm seeing as he's eating fruit chunks by now and such. He really likes the Banana Fruit Puffs, and hasn't quite taken to the Sweet Potato Veggie Puffs yet, but I'll give it time. I had to buy new diapers for him cause he seemed to really be scratching at the ones Ronnie brought up for us. Yanking, tugging and scratching at the whole thing, and he was starting to get a rash around the legs. Switched to the regular Wal Mart ones and he seems better now. He still tugs on Mr. Winkie quite roughly, but at least he's not scratching and tugging at his diaper. I feel like I'm wasting diapers.
Anyhow...dunno what I'm gonna do with the rest of my day. I guess I'll see when it gets here.

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