Thursday, May 03, 2007

Just a moments' respite. Holy Cow.

Hitting the ground running or what. Started off fancy by picking up Ronie from the border, then the next morning was preschool. Had an appointment downtown yesterday with a lawyer, who didn't tell me anything that I didn't already know.

Decided to cut my hair yesterday as well...went short cause it was just so ridiculously long it was driving me crazy (you know that length where someone always either sits on it, or lays down on it, and you have no power over it cause a simple head shake won't do anything). So, I got a real nice short crop, which I'm rather pleased with. Most other short cuts I've had have always made my face not as appealing but I'm liking the shape of this one quite well. :o) Anyhow, the lady cutting my hair (Native lady) said that it's better for Native's to cut their hair during a full moon because it grows back quicker (yesterday it was full moon). I actually enjoed her chatter while having my hair done as I felt I could really relate to her views and opinions, which has never happen to me before with any hairstylist I've ever visited. Intriguing.

Todya we took the kids to Scandia again, and then to wal mart, where I ordered a new set of magnetic sunglasses (since I lost mine on the way to Edmonton in Sept.) and got Chance an MP3 player. Am considering going back to buy one for myself now as well, considering I plan on getting a gym membership after they leave for myself.
Hopefully all will go smoothly until they leave...I'm sposed to go and get Gramma tommorow morning, Ralph can't come now because he's sick, and I was sposed to go and get her tommorow but she said there was an event she wanted to attend tommorow so blah. I'm hoping to snag a visit with tyler as I have yet to see his new place. We'll see.

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Nietha said...

whoa, short! you should put the pic on your facebook =)