Monday, May 21, 2007

Took the boys to the May Days Parade up in Rutland today. It was a long parade, but very nice. We had fun, and met a new friend as well. Afterwards we went and played on the Big Bouncy then the playground before heading to Wal Mart.
I wanted to stop by and pick up my sunglasses which they finally got in (only took em 2 1/2 weeks, when they said at most 1) and was also gonna print off some pictures (Father's day is coming and I wanted to ensure D had a picture with daddy cause I'm assuming they'll make something in preschool and need 1) but there was a 5 person per machine line-up so I just made an appointment for Hunter's 1 year photos instead and left.
Now we're home again and I don't know what I feel like doing.
Went to bed early lastnight, just after 10 maybe, and conked right out until 7am. I still don't feel fully rested, but I have the senaking suspicion that I'm not gonna feel that way again for a long time.

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