Monday, May 07, 2007

D Day has arrived.
Was sposed to spend the night at the Hotel from Ronnie but ended up getting called back for poor Hunter. Was funny cause I had just gotten to sleep about 20 minutes before they called, and when my phone rang I thought it was my alarm and I thought, boy it's 6 o'clock already, I feel like I just went to sleep. So, I hopped into the car and came home, didn't go back cause I had had a couple of drinks and didn't want to put Hunter into the car that late. Crawled into bed and let him explore in the dark, boy was he grumpy. :o)
Woke up this mornin when mom popped her head in asking what D needs for preschool, and then went back to sleep. Woke up about 9:30 and rolled outta bed and found Chance in the living room. I was surprised cause I was feeling guilty that I was sposed to be there for breakfast with him and I wasn't, nevermind that I had stranded him. :o
Went to pick up gramma on Saturday morning, which ate up most of my day. poor Hunter had to come with me, and he got carsick from Westside road, and his new medication for a Thrush infection. I can't imagine what it must've been like to feel yucky and nasueas and not have any way to tell me but crying. Poor little guy. :o(
I'll be taking Gramma back tonight after Ronnie and Chance leave, then I'm sposed to go back to Kamloops and stay at Tylers.
I got a 3 month gym membership yesterday at a local gym. I'm really looking foreward to having the ability to get time to work on myself. They're a really big facility for a gym. With a seperate women's section and a rather large child care room. I also get to join any of their fitness classes for free, and get a free fitness level and orientation to begin with. Not bad I would say. My first time with a gym membership.
Had a yummy Turkey dinner Saturday evening, and an even yummier turkey stew lastnight.
Am really looking foreward to getting time to myself now. It's been what I've been counting on since everything began. The time to concentrate on myself. It never really occured to me just how much energy I spend on my family, but my husband especially sucks a lot outta me cause I have to constantly shar emy focus and attention on him and both boys who always seem to want my full attention all at once.
Though this last week has been really rough, in terms of me needing different things. I've been all over the place emotionally, but I think I've managed to keep myself in a decent line for the most part.
I've really been yearning to spend time with just my husband...well that's been since our whole fiasco started, but even more so this last week. Funny how that works.
I'm getting new sunglasses for myself this week, and I'm also looking foreward to getting a new mp3 player for myself for when I got to the gym.
Reflections are coming, in any will be interesting to see what comes about from it all.

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