Sunday, May 27, 2007

I'll have an interview this week sometime for the Care Aide position. yay me!
I wonder what the pay is, cause it wasn't posted on the newspaper ad. I know there won't be benefits either, but mom's attempting to get the kids covered for benefits through herself at work, cause apparently she can do that for them...I'd only be eligable if I were in full time school.
I was thinking about browsing what UBCO has to offer me in the way of courses...but I just don't feel like I could choose. I'd be like a kid in the candy store.

4 thoughtful remarks:

Anonymous said...

aren't the kids covered under BC care?

Amber said...

the kids are covered to a limited extent. Mom's benefits are full benefits. Dental, Eye exams, prescriptions (full) and glasses if needed. MSP only covers Dr's and a percentage of prescriptions and dental.

Nietha said...

good luck on your interview(s)!

Anonymous said...

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