Thursday, November 02, 2006

Moving Sucks

I forgot just how hard moving was. Stupid.
A week straight with only about 5 hours of sleep averaging. Sheepers.
I guess I've got the easy end of it, minding the kids, unpacking boxes, and cleaning...yeah, right.
Chance has been bringing in load after load of crap from storage that we just don't need, but I will have to go through none-the-less.
Just like Christmas though. I found my dishes were wrapped in pajamas I forgot I even had! Was kinda neat. Just waiting on my dryer now, cause everything that was in storage needs to be washed. And even though I hand washed all my dishes today, I'd like to run them through the dishwasher, just hafta get some soap.
At the grocery store today (yes, I forgot to buy the dishwasher soap) I only spent 45 bux on groceries (technically 75 cause i had that wonderful $25 g/c) which really surprised me. I forgot how cheap we were when it was just us...LOL My fridge still looks empty for lack of fresh items and condiments, but I'm not in a hurry to fill it up. I've got enough to last us until our trip.
Our tickets haven't arrived yet.
The place was filthy, and I've got my work cut out for me with the cleaning. They didn't do one stinking thing, I certainly wouldn'tve been showing that place to anyone with it looking like that. The cupboard are filthy, with droppings and dead bugs and cob webs, and spiders. The walls still have crayon markings on them, along with all of the handprints. The windows haven't been cleaned in ages. At least at moms place I did the windows about every 5 months. Yuck.
It seems kinda ghetto, but it's ours now, and I'm going to make the best on it for now.
Darius enjoys it, but he's terrified to be anywhere's in there by himself, unless he can clearly hear me. Understandable, I get the jitters anyplace by myself at night, so I putr a radio in his room, and read him a couple of books before bedtime lastnight.
I'm not putting cable in, we've got enough movies to tide me over for a while. I need to be able to focus on getting us all onto some scheduals, and getting the discipline back in our court. It's so hard not to just tell him that he makes me feel so angry I wish I could just walk out and not look back. Thank goodness that feeling is only fleeting.
Now to focus foreward, and just get my stuff in order for our trip down south. I was truly hoping to visit Eric, but that's basically just wishful thinking. I feel kinda bad cause I don't have anyone there besides Grandpa Klusty, Shannon & Brooke, and Ronnie that I wanna see there. Not that they aren't reason enough to visit, but what are we gonna do when Chance goes to visit his friends? I also feel kinda bad cause I look exactly the same as when i left. I wish I could've gone last year before I started gaining from pregnancy. Oh well, can't win em all, I mean, I have had four months to shed the exccess poundage.
Thought I'd take a nice quiet visit to Nana's so Hunter could visit his Kimmie.
I hate getting used to new house sounds.
It started snowing this morning...and hasn't stopped. It's wet, heavy sticky stuff. Time to break out the snow kind of surprised me, but what can i expect for November 2nd? My car still runs in it, and so far the tires haven't given me any toruble, but my windows won't roll down. Oh ell, I guess that just means no drive through for me.
Got some last minute scrounging to do at moms house cause I forgot all the little things here, funny how that happens when looking at the big picture.
I'm tired, and am oging to need to keep a steady stream of some sort of caffine in the house until I can wean myself off of it. *sighs*
Hopefully we can hook up a phone and internet in the near future, cause right now we're workin on no phone of any kind. haven't bothered to get minutes for our cells in a while. guess we should for emergency purposes.
Million and one things to do, but if I take them one at a time, I'll be allright. Chance still needs to learn that. Poor thing.

3 thoughtful remarks:

Anonymous said...

sounds like you both DEFINITELY have your hands full with this move. Also, am planning on sending the tickets express, but need to know where to send 'em. I'm looking forward to your visit and you and I can do things together with the kids while Chance visits his friends, ok? It'll be fun!

Anonymous said...

How's the neighbourhood?

Amber said...

The neighborhood is ok, we're in a very quiet corner of a mobile home park, but not actually part of it. Big yard, fenced, but you can hear the traffic, which i guess isn't so bad.