Sunday, November 26, 2006


Today we had Thanksgiving dinner (again). Ronnie (and Don) cooked a torrific Turkey, and the traditional (USA) sides to go with. Was pretty good.
Have D down for a nap right now, and had H down a couple times already.
Had Ronnie go and get some Children's Tylenol cause H is running a low grade fever. Hopefully his yucky feelings will pass.
We're going to see Happpy Feet tonight in Wooster (Ronnie pronounces that Wa-ster instead of drawing out the o's :oD ). Making sure I'm gonna have agreeable kids.
My tummy has been upset the last couple days, but I'm not exactly eating things that'll help it...hehehe.
Lastnight I had a sweet snack (and I'm ashamed to be typing this) of Oreos (doublestuffs), Oatmeal Raisin cookies, Twizzler Pull'n'Peel, Mint Chocolate sticks, mandarin oranges (snack variety, not fresh), and a Pepsi. Was good.
I had chocolate milk with breakfast this morning, so that's probly what did it.

Hunter ate nicely for Ronnie lastnight, as I pumped and let her feed him. I think they both quite enjoyed.
The weather's still beautiful. Hopesully the roads will bedecent when we go home.

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