Sunday, November 05, 2006

So, I guess the new place is ok. I'm getting used to the noises of the neighbourhood and the house. It sure has been windy the past few days.
Each night I take a step out for a while and listen to the noises, cause I keep spooking myself into thinking someone's outside, and once I learn what's making the noises, I'm ok.
Just sorting through the stuff in mom's house now, trying to get all the little stuff. Got some extra plastic containers for my storage at home because I don't want anything out for the mouse to get into. Apparently it has a thing for Peanut Butter.
Trying to get my laundry done today, I'd like for the silly dryer to be over at our place so I can do it, but it's more entertaining doing it here cause there's TV. I guess everything has it's pros and cons.
Went out to the casino lastnight, and won 140 bux. Yay me.
Gosh, I'm feeling a touch out-pf-date without Cable at home, or a phone for that matter. I should start turning the radio on. Hmm. For some reason our computer stopped playing audio cd's. Dunno why, but you can hear all the other noises the comp makes.
Been slowly going through everything and sorting, and tossing. Boy, it's a tough, time-consuming job. Combine that with taking care of the kids, and I'm amazed I can even get the kids fed in a decent fashion.

Darius' behaviour has been getting better, little by little. He's beginning to understand the rules of the house, and though he may not like them, he does listen without taking 20 times to tell him.

I haven't even taken any pictures of the place. What a shame. I'm hoping to play in the yard soon with the kids, on a day where it's not so windy.

Chance introduced himself to the neighbours today. Oh boy. They both have dogs, and one of them is a rotweiler named Pepsi.

I'm tired.

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