Saturday, November 11, 2006

Long Week

Well then.
So, the weekend is here, and only 8 days left until our Ohio trip. Time flies...
Darius has caught on to the fact that we need to take an airplane to Ohio. All on his own.
Well, tuesday was our 5 year anniversary, and it was actually quite nice. We went out for dinner, and went to see Saw 3. We were back by 9:30, but we really enjoyed ourselves.
We spent monday, and tuesday nights at moms house, while stuff was being estimated and such at our house. Wednesday we were all apprehensive, but we did stay at our house. I was trying to get it organized because I knew the adjuster, and the Restoration ppl would be coming inside to inspect any damage. I think it's funny that the "contractors" that the adjuster hired was Ok Restore (old employers).
Wednesday was D's "special day" at pre-school. I took him to school, and got osme pictures of the kids playing, though some are blurry because my batteries wanted to die at that moment. I will be posting them on Flickr later.
It's amazing when you don't blog for a week just how much you need to catch up on. Sheesh.
I've been trying to clean, but it's just so difficult with two kids. I get little bits done here and there, but the baby just isn't patient enough for it to be noticable.
Lastnight we went to a family christmas show at Kelowna Community Theatre. One of Kimmie's co-workers had bought himself tickets, but couldn't go, so he gave them to Kimmie. We went, and was kinda disappointing because they were missing two performers, and took the stage and hour and a half late because of travelling conditions on the Coq. But, they were good otherwise, I've never seen a Magician perform before, and was very entertained.
Afterwards I went out for a drink with Chance's co-worker Sonja. Spent 3 hours there, and quite enjoyed myself. I was very surprised at how busy the Pub was. We got stuck sitting in the smoking section cause that was all that was avaialable, and at that we were at a bar, not a table.
Woke up with the kids this morning, and had enough time to give Hunter and myself a bath, whilst D watched Monster House (he rented that and Over the Hedge on thursday night cause he went out with his co-workers) and ate watermelon.
I bought some fresh produce, and made up two platters,one with veggies, and the other with watermelon so D can snack at will, cause he is just not eating.
caught a mouse yesterday. It must've just got snapped when we got home from the show lastnight, cause we got in, took off our coats, and then we heard squealing, and scratching, so it must've panicked and tried to run away when it was caught. Poor thing suffered. Gotta go buy a bunch more traps though. *sigh*
I'm tired, it feels like I may never stop being tired.
Our house is basicaly set up, and just needs to get rid of some junk stickin round the house.
So, just trying to figure out what we're gonna get up to today.
I'm hungry, and tired...and so is Hunter.
He rolled over for Daddy this morning, and I've been trying to catch him doing it on video ever since, cause I haven't seen him do it yet.
Kids, always got for daddy first. What a pisser.

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