Monday, November 06, 2006

Oh My God!

Holy Doodle!
Shit. I don't think I've ever been so scared in my life!
We're sitting in the living room...Mom, D, H, and myself, and Chance was in D's room resting on his bed. We were watching the willow tree in our yard cause the branches were hanging completely horizontal cause it was so windy. Outta nowhere's we hear a huge crash (actually a series of Four or so) and the house is shaking. mom jumps up and whilst holding Hunter jumps into the corner, D hops into my lap, and I scoot as far away from the side windows as I can, and it's still thumping (I'm screaming). The thumping stops, Chance comes out of the room and asks what happened, and I say The fucking tree fell on the house! There was a rather large segment of a tree on our house that I could see through the window. We proceed to scoop up kids, get them dressed and out of the house. I grabbed a change of clothes (am still in grunge pj's) for me and Hunter, and went outside. Chance was out there looking at the treetop that had fallen. Says he'll meet us at moms, who has loaded up D and Hunter for me. I stop to look when I got to my car, and realized that the tree broke in two places. One hit just above where Chance was resting (D's bed), and the treetop itself hit the middle of the roof, bounced, and landed resting on the side of the house and the ground. There's branches of debris all over the place, and I couldn't get out of there fast enough.
I was still shaking when I got to moms, and it was real hard not to cry. I know some of my glass stuff fell, but I'm not sure what fell or even if it broke, we left that fast.
I'm all tense now.
So, when we got here, mom called our landlord (she's a co-worker of mom's, same department and everything) to let her know what happened, and Chance went back to grab the camera and take some pictures. She arranged a few things, then headed over to check the damage. Apparently those trees aren't on her/our property, but a neighbours, that she's been asking to have them cut down for a while now. They better be coming down within the next week or so help me, I'm gonna raise hell like I never have before.
So, we'll be eating at mom's house tonight, and depending on weather, and damage, could possibly stay here tonight as well.

Hope it scared the shit out of that goddamned mouse.

Chance has become the great mouse hunter again, by the way.
He's been staying up each night trying to catch the one mouse romping our house.
Apparently he's a brave bastard, coming on the ocunters and such, and he also has a thing for peanut butter.
Fucking animals.

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Anonymous said...

lol on the mouse comment.

crazy stuff. glad everyone's okay.