Saturday, November 25, 2006


I'll be so happy tp get home.
I don't mind visiting in Ohio or anything, but things are just so different here that I'll be happy to get back to where things make sense, and I'm not contantly reminded of just how shallow I can be.
The kids are enjoying themselves at least.I can not believe the weather's been nothing but clear skies and sunshine since we arrived...well, it was raining when we first got here, but we didn't notice, honest.
Took a shower by myself for the first time since we lft home today, was nice. The extra lotioning of Hunter seems to be paying off, and his exema seems to be dimishing, but not by the long shot i was expecting. Guess it's back to the doctor's when we get home.

I haven't been taking as many pictures as I should, so I'm hoping to make up for that over the next few days. I've only taken 100since we've shameful.
Will have a lot of Flickr work to do when we get home, thankfully we have the net at home now so I won't feel guilty about using anyone for their comp...*g*
This visit has gone quite well, and other than the initial vehicle issue has been quite drama-free, thankfully.
Slept like a sardine lastnight with both kids and husband in bed lastnight, thank goodness it's a queen. *g*
The boys haven't left the Xbox alone since we got here...shameful, but oh well.
I hope to see a movie b4 we leave...we shall see.

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