Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Long Weekend

Well, was a loooooooong weekend. Chance got Friday off, had monday off for a stat, and today off as usual.
Spent Saturday night at mom's house...cause Chance got stitches in the hand after breaking a glass whilst doing the dishes at home. Actually, I think we may have spent Friday night there. I can't remember, the days just sort of blend into one another.
Mom came over and did laundry on Saturday while I finished the vacuuming (there's so many cob webs and such around that it was easier to vacuum then wash them away) which was nice cause it was a big help.
I was doing some cleaning today, got my hallway and kitchen walls washed, though not completely finished. Gonne head to the bathroom and finish the dining room next. Then it's on to our bathroom and bedroom, and then D's room. I hate cleaning.
Not much longer now and we'll be on our way to Ohio.
Am hoping to get Harry in there to house-sit for us.
Should be getting our modem on Thursday or Friday, so we'll have internet before we leave...probly hafta leave instructions not to do anything with it.
Ate some yummy spaghetti tonight, we're at mom's for some gold ole' social fun.
Had a nice talk with my husband the other night, hope some of it sinks in.
My son talks too much.
The last few nights I can honestly say Chance is kinda getting the hint about "family" time and not just "melting" his mind on the tv.
We played dress-up and had a nice sing-along together lastnight. They're getting pretty creative, I must say.
Darius played outside yesterday, and came in sopping wet because he found a puddle to get into in which he soaked his winter coat, and boots, and was soaked to the bone.
We've been giving him naps each day, slowly phasing them back in, and it seems to be working with his temper, when he gets real tired he's still quite viscious and mean, but we try not to let that happen too often.
Chance caught a couple of spiders outside under the logs that have been sitting there, and we all swear that they are part tarantula.
I need cake.
Gotta start looking for a job.

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