Wednesday, November 15, 2006

I Fixed it!

Well well well.
Chance broke our DVD player yesterday...a disc got jammed in it, and instead of trying to figure out what's goin on, he yarded on it So, lastnight after the kids had gona to bed, he took it apart, and fiddled, and managed to fix it. His face was precious, cause it lit up, and he had an ear to ear grin, and he began to strut. "I fixed and electronic item"!
Well, when I turned it on, and started watching Good Morning, Vietnam, all the colours were fine, except the people. The people are blue, and it don't matter what colour they are.

We came to mom's house lastnight for dinner, and played a game of yahtzee before D drove me so bonkers that I had to go home.
Got home and gots kids into bed, and sat down to watch a movie, and decided to go to bed instead. We hit the hay, and about a half hour later, just after we had both dozed off, we both woke up, and looked at each other and made the joint decision to sleep in the living room. It was just too darned windy out.
So, there we all were, sleeping on the living room floor on a pile of blankets. Consquently, I got next to no sleep lastnight, and am exhausted and grouchy today.
So, today we tidied, and cleaned, and did laundry. Yesterday Chance was nice and watched the kids for me while I washed alls and such. After we got home I scrubbed the tub, and bathroom while he wiped out the oven. I felt like a schmo cause he got the easier of the two (I sprayed the stove earlier in the morning, and it soaked all day and just wiped right off for him, no scrubbin or nuthin).
Tonight I'm staying at mom's cause I actually want to sleep some. Nothing but wind in the forecast.
It's pretty silly when you are afraid to be in your own home.
The contractor came by today and said he recommends we redo the entire roof cause it's cheap, but insurance will only cover the hole/damage from the tree. Hopefully Chelan will opt to redo the entire roof.
So, to date we have a dmaged roof, a mice infestation (of which we've killed 3), and a damned hornet/yellow jackets nest somewhere in our ceiling. We keep finding them in the house, and can't tell where they are ocming from. When the ocntractor cut open the ceiling today, a few came out of the insulation.
Yay us.

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