Friday, November 17, 2006


Well, I got my lists together of what to pack, Hopefully I remembered everything.
Looks like someone is moving into the housenextdoor/behind us.
Everyone is getting excited now. Darius woke up this mornin and said only 2 more sleeps, and one more sleep, and we'll be at Ama's! We explained that we have two more sleeps before we leave, then one more sleep in a hotel, then we'll be going to Ama's.
We didn't do a whole lot today, basically bummed around the house. Harry showed up round 1, after Chance had gone and gotten his fingerprints. They took D to the park and library, and I took H to the Doctor.
He flirted with every woman there! Chip off the old block I must say. He had a conversation with a woman in the waiting room, then he was giggling in the exam room cause I was playing with him. When I stopped to give him a breather, the Doctor came in and said we had gained an audience with all the doctors and nurses in the hallway listening. Man did I ever giggle and blush at that one. Got a prescription for an anti-biotic for my Mastitis (FINALLY) and found out H has winter Exema. Just some extra lotioning, once in the morning, and once at night. He's also got cradle cap again. Arrgh.
Chance is talking about taking him for his first haircut while in Ohio, and doing it at the same place as D did his, but it's been so long I doubt they're still in business. I'm also not sure I want his soft locks gone, I love his baby hair, especially just after his bath.
Been catching mice left right and center, I wonder what sort of precautionary measures we can take to get rid of them for good. I realize they must be coming in near out water heater, so I'm sure it'll have something to do with sealing that up.
I keep thinking all these repairs and such that we've been a part of since moving to Canada are helping us for when we get our own house (IF we choose to get one someday).
Watched UHF tonight, forgot what a funny movie that was.
Seen some cd's in Zellers while I was getting my prescrip filled that I wouldn't mind. Alas, my car only plays tapes.
I gave up on the quest to clean off this comp, hopefully we can swing a pick up from Pokie's someplace.
Hunter is such a ham.
Harry will be housesitting for us while we're gone, and he, and mom will each have a key. Mom will need to do her laundry after all (seeing as we still haven't gotten them a replacement dryer).
Alas, time to put kids to bed...

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Anonymous said...

you have to replace your mom's dryer? what happened?