Saturday, November 18, 2006

Good to Go

Well, we're all packed up and read to go. It only took me all day to do it.
This is the lightest I've ever packed for a week long trip. Interesting. The kids and i took one suitcase, we could've sqeezed Chance's stuff in with ours, but then where would our reason be for the other two suitcases we're bringing? Chance put his stuff in the other big suitcase along with the extra one that compacted to fit in on top of his stuff, and the miscellaneous items I stuffed to give to relatives.
The boys are having a bit of a rough go of it for sleep tonight, none of them are finding it easy to drift off. Let's not mention the new neighbour moving in next door who sees fit to keep his 52 ft. Semi-moving truck running all night while he unloads it, or the tromping they're doing back and forth.
I got the place tidied up for Harry, and hopefully he'll have a good time whilst housesitting for us.
Need to do up an itinerary and email it to mom, like she asked.
Guess I can do that tommorow while I'm making breakfast.

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