Monday, October 30, 2006


Wow, this whole last week seemed to have just breezed right on by without me hardly even noticing it. It's been rather tough coming to terms with being on our own again, but I guess I'm warming up to the idea. Finally went and took a look at the inside today to see what I'm dealing with. It's got a month's worth of dust built up inside on the surfaces, so I'm gonna hafta scrub those down before setting anything on them. The windows need to be washes, floors washed and vacuumed, the light fixtures need a good rub out, and I think it'll be ok to start moving things in. Those are just better to do when it' empty. I wouldn't mind washing the walls either, but what's the point when i don't have a good deoderizer that I can add to my water?
Things have been going so quickly cause I've had a lot to do.
Made D's costume, packed, made the applesauce for the "Floating Eyeballs" (of which I finished stuffing the grapes this morning just before pre-school), took the kids out, made the masks for the classmates (15 total). Doesn't seem like a lot, but when you consider the effort, no wonder I'm beat!

Tommorow is Halloween! Yay!
I'm not completely happy with the decorations outside, but I will go out and make final adjustments tommorow morning with D in tow.
I LOVE Halloween. D really enjoys it as well. :o)

Back to making my mummy costume, just needed a break, but since sitting at the comp requires the same muscles, it's kinda pointless.

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