Friday, November 24, 2006

We're here!

Okie, so here I am in Ohio. Finally in a civilized, or at least technilogically advanced home.

My Father-in-laws' home was not what it used to be, definately didn't live up to it's former glory days, but it sufficed for shelter on our visit to the hometown. We visited as many as we could in the short time that we have, and one specific family had the pleasure of our company 3 days in a row! Mainly because they had a slew of kids that D got right and rowdy with.
It was rather surreal being there again, and interesting to see whom had moved on, and whom hadn't.
I feel sorry for my husband, who is finding out what it's like to know that you're home, but not to stay. Saying good-bye is always tough, no matter who's leaving, and I don't envy him it at all.

It's true, my husband has grown a whole lot since we were last here, and it's becoming more and more apparent that he's the man that I always wanted, and knew he could be. Nothing like hindsight to show you where you are.
So, I think Hunter's jet-lagged, but we've gotten plenty of sleep the past couple of days to make up for it, and D has been napping daily with us as well. They look so cute together, sleeping on the same bed, facing the same way, hands in the same spot, and mouths open just the same.
Their similarities are endless, and never cease to amaze me. So, this is what being a sibling is all about.
How I envy them.

Another thing I don't envy my husband is the new task that's going to have to fill that void that his hometown is going to leave behind once he's had this taste.
I don't envy lonliness in the least.

Anyhow, just thought I'd give a quick update to letcha all know I'm alive, and my accent has come back two-fold and I sound like an idiot.
The flight was smooth, as was the border crossing, and am looking foreward to coming home, and getting my life back on track, because it's no longer going to be counting down to Ohio, but Christmas.
Interesting how things develop.
Off to open Christmas gifts, yay us!

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Anonymous said...

Funny how quickly things come up that seemed so far in the future previously. Sounds like you guys are having a good time. =)