Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Weekends and Then Some

Busy Busy again.
Saturday took D to Scandia, we spent two hours playing games, and mini-golfing. Was terrific fun until we went to leave and i realized that I had locked my keys in the car, and (for once) rolled up my window all the way. :o( After a moment of panic called Chance at work (for some reason the pay phone I was using was trying to charge me 2.50 to phone home and only .25 to phone Chance's Cell) and told him to either phone Kimmie or phone one of his friends to help me out.
Thankfully, he got a hold of one the Boys from Guys Night and he was kind enough to come and pick me up (with the forethought to bring a carseat and a bottle of water for D) and drive me downtown to grab mom's keys from her, and then back to the car. I was very grateful and ended up going back to his place to meet his wife and two daughters (7, and 3 weeks) and for a cup of coffee. I was further impressed by his parenting skills, and was rather awed to see what his wife called a "natural" father. He was completely at ease swinging the baby around, and then proceeded to play with both D and his oldest daughter for over an hour.
Anyhow, we ended up staying until about 9pm when we finally left, we had to stop to buy D some dinner as he had yet to eat, and then go pick up Chance from work. We got there just in time I believe. D ate in the car, and got some Kimmie snuggles and then it was off to bed where he crashed out in five minutes without even putting up a fuss.
Maybe that was because it was a rather long day...we had gone Garage Sale-ing that morning, and spent most of that time wandering around one sub-division walking from one to the next. Scored some good deals there...came out with a baby swing, and a bouncy seat, and another sling. D got plenty of toys. He's so chatty that he talked to absolutely everyone, and used his manners accordingly. Usually when he had to ask how much something was, the ppl just gave him whatever he was asking about. Oy.
Sunday we went to see X-men 3. I enjoyed it, but was displeased to have to go across town to see it as our thatre was packed...I had to pay 7.95 for each of us!! Our theatre at least docks off 2 dollars for D. I find thatre prices outrageous.
Yesterday D and I stayed home, until mom got off work when he headed to Value Village for their One Day 50% off everything sale. After that we ended up dropping our cards off at Pine Acres, which was nice.
D had a nice long bath which was long overdue.
Chance and I have been rather catty lately. Just no sense of well being there at all.
Today D and his pre-school class went to DQ where the pre-school paid for them to all have an ice cream treat. :o) Lucky lil goob.
After we got up from our nap we spent the afternoon outside on the porch and in the yard. I had bought a small bin and a bunch of plastic play dishes for him, and he spent 2 hours happily washing his dishes, dumping water from one container to the next, and then painting various items with water, and then muddy water and a paintbrush I gave to him. He really enjoyed it. Definately a good way for him to beat the heat.
We came in, I cooked dinner and he isn't interested in it yet, unfortunately.
I feel real tired...can't seem to sleep well these days.

2 thoughtful remarks:

Allie said...

I can't believe he is in preschool! It just blows my mind. I better get used to it though, cause in less than a month I will be an aunt! I hope that your sleep improves!

Anonymous said...

sounds like a nice couple with good skills to model. gives us all something to reach for...