Monday, May 01, 2006

Bastards, all of them.

Felt like a long weekend. boy oh boy.
For some unknown reason D started waking up before 7am this weekend...something that he hasn't done in ages. I'm hoping that it's not a trend. I don't mind getting up early, but I don't believe that it's something D should do because he gets tired soo easily.
Anyhow...Saturday mornin both Chance and I got up with...and after I booted Chance and his irritated bum outta D's room, D and I spent a pleasant morning lounging and playing in his bed before we had breakfast.
I don't think my husband has a clear idea of what the term "burn-out" means when it comes to work.
Harry spent Friday night here, and as a requirement, I told him he had to cook breakfast for everyone. He's been in a culinary course for over a year and just graduated from it, and had yet to cook me anything up until then. So, anyhow, made him cook after I cleaned the kitchen and fed D. Then D and I went outside to play...and I was surprised to find that it was barely 8am!! :oO
Anyways, we spent almost an hour outside before coming in and having some food, and then put D down for his nap.
Didn't do a whole lot on Saturday. We drove Chance to work at the Youth Center, and there was a huge thunderstorm. Over with relatively quickly. But, in the major part of it D and I were in the car. Went shopping and he was having a bit of a rough time listening, so we stepped out and let mom finish alone. Well, leaving the store early upset him even more than he already was, and he tossed himself into the throes of a fit. Crying, moping, moaning, begging to go back into the store. And of course when I said no he got worse, and when it started really coming down outside...his fit changed focus from "I WANNA GO INSIDE" to "WE'RE TRAPPED IN THE CAR, NANA'S TRAPPED IN THE STORE!!!!!!!! WHAT ARE WE GONNA DO??" Was pretty cute, and I had to try really, really hard not to laugh at this outburst.
Anyways, after that fit was over and done with he was better cause Nana played in the rain with him some while I cleaned the kitchen again b4 dinner was cooked. I'm not impressed with Harry's kitchen demeanor. He cooked okay enough, but left the kitchen in a heaping disgusting mess that took me the duration of an hour to clean. Yuck...twice in one day is not my idea of a good day.
Yesterday we were supposed to have a BBQ out at Ali's, had been p lanning on it since Thursday, but apparently she changed her plans. Whatever. I was looking foreward to someone else's hard worked food, but oh well...can't have it all. We ended up going out for a couple of hikes, and surprisingly, everyone had fun. It's been a long time since we all went somewhere's as a family and did something we could all do, besides eat. Very enjoyable...and I'm not even sore from hiking.
Yesterday was also nice because it was my designated day to sleep in. That's right folks, I stayed in bed until just before noon. Chance tried to wake me up a few times...but I just rolled over. He doesn't really grasp the idear of sleeping in. Even when it's his turn he never sleeps in longer than 2 hours, whether I have breakfast done or not. *shrugs* His loss.
He's been getting more and more edgy these days. Can't says I blame him tho, it's a bit rough when your are responsible for obligations and they are being met. I'm just thankful that's out of my field for the itme being.
Fucking Roger....I swear to god, he's a useless fucking loser. He owe's Chance a ton of money, and at the beginning of last week said "I'll pay you Thurs.", Thurs. comes round, and he says "I'll pay you Fri.", Fri. comes round and he says I'll have to pay you "Sat cause I'm havving issues with my bank card". WTF?!?! Sat comes round and he finally drags his sorry ass over here (he's working right next to our park on the new park going up right next to us), and he only paid him barely a quarter of what he owes Chance, citing some lame excuse about his bank card. What-ever you loser, just pay him the goddamned money and get the fuck out of our lives cause we don't need your shit. Could say the same thing about Art, cause he still hasn't paid Chance either. Fucking losers.
Anyways...we've been BBQ-ing left, right, and center lately. Ahh...summer is oni t's way. :o)
I'm gonna hafta start making myself some new clothes cause pants are getting too hot, and I know I'm gonna end up melting once it really gets hot. Oh boy, oh boy.
Anyhow...gonna go find something to occupy myself with.

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