Friday, May 05, 2006

First Pay

I totally did not feel up to chauffer service this morning. It always makes me feel kinda bad when I can't seem to get where we need to be on time...very frustrating cause even though I plan to leave on time, I can't seem to get everything to work out as I've planned. :oP
Anyways...took a break from the chauffer rounds, and let Chance drive himself, and mom catch a ride with Kimmie. Yer on yer own guys!
Today, D and I will spend a relaxing day at home, without having to worry about who we're picking up, and when we need to be there.
Though it seems kinda silly, it *almost* puts stress on me to have to worry about the timing schedual. Almost. I know it's not the end of the world if things don't go as planned, but it does put a kink in my day because I've planned my day around the schedual. That includes, D naps, D activities, snack times, rest times, and outside time.
That's why today I said I didn't wanna we can spend the day at home doing whatever we like, whenever we like.
Gotta make some Mother's Day cards with D at some point. :o)
I feel good that I got our invitation RSVP's for the wedding out, some invitations for the Baby shower mailed, and the cards D and I made for Operation Feel Better Campaign this week. Next is a box of artwork and such for Rhonda.
Today it's supposed to get up to 26 here...we'll be spending the majority of our afternoon outside, I can tell you that much. Maybe we'll take our crafty stuff out to the yard for a change, and not hafta worry about makin a mess. :oD
Chance bought himself a new cell phone his very first *official* paycheque from the Youth Center yesterday...yay!
We went to Zellers (who happened to be having a terrific sale on vitamins) and got him some vitamins, and a new pair of sandals. Then on over to Extra where we bought mostly fresh produce and his cell phone.
*sighs* I'm not impressed at his purchase decision with the cell phone...but I must admit, we need better communication abilities. I just don't see why the cell phone I have isn't good enough.
But, ok, I can understand a "treat" from his first paycheque.
Anyhow...guess I had better get back to's cereal time!

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Anonymous said...

I must say, you guys are all doing a great job at juggling schedules and vehicles...hopefully the land will sell soon and you guys can get a car.