Wednesday, May 24, 2006


I slept on the couch lastnight...and woke up to Darius dragging poor Nana outta bed to th eliving room cause he couldn't find me. Apparently i was too well hidden by my huge collection of pillows. Was pretty comfy though, didn't wake up a billion times just to turn over cause the one hip was sore. :o)
Anyhow, got up this mornin, and started off as usual...unloading the dishwahsher, then rinsing the dishes and throwing them in.
Chopped up some potatoes for breakfast, and knocked Chance outta bed.
Fed D his breakfast, and tried to sit down to eat...but that didn't happen cause D wanted me to play, and then Chance wanted me to try out the new Juicer that he bought over the weekend at a garage sale. It's a pretty neat contraption I must say. So...I hauled out what veggies we had, and started juicing, which of course caught D's attention.
He toted a chair to the kitchen with me, and gave me a hand making Daddy a glass of fresh juice. He really enjoyed watching the different colours of juice come out according to vegetale. We used broccoli, cauliflower, grape tomatoes, and carrots. :o) Not a bad tasting drink, and I'm amazed that after tasting it, I can actually taste each individual vegetable i put in it.
D really had soon as we were finished he zoomed off down the hallway to find dad. "Daddy, dad, I made you a drink, come and see, come and see!" Was cute.
Not much to do today...but after spending my morning looking at recipes for juicing, I've decided I may try a couple to help my hemogloben levels, as inctructed by my Midwife.
D had gymnastics this mornin, so the boys are out right now...and walking in the door as I type...guess I should scoot.

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