Tuesday, May 16, 2006

All Said and Done

Well, after the weekend is finally over I don't feel as bad anymores. It drives me nuts to think that not only did I want a b-day party to which nobody showed, but also a baby shower. It's insulting...but being a forgiving person when it comes to my fam, I can forget about it I suppose.
I was really really Happy Gramma came out...I wasn't expecting her at all until she called Saturday night to say she's be there Sunday morning. :oD I'm happy she came to visit, even if it was for 2 days.
Dropped her off at the Bus Depot today, and her bus was 45 minutes late even arriving, n/m when they departed. She wanted to make her book study in Barriere, I hope she'll be able to.
Was nice, we went Thrift shopping yesterday, at Gramma's request. :o) I bought a bunch of junk, really. Nothing overly useful, but it was still fun.
Oh my god...I can't believe how hot it is. I'm so not gonna survive without Air Conditioning.
Harry spent a lot of time with us this weekend, which was nice. Poor guy's been hitting a rough patch cause he's recently single and doesn't know what to do with himself. At least he's spending time with us, and keeping himself outta trouble. Been renting movies, buying munchies, and being couch potatoes together. :oD What are good friends for eh?
I hadn't realized that this weekend is a loong weekend. Course, that was partially why we planned the Shower for Mother's Day to begin with, but it hadn't occurred to me with all that was happening. I seen a few trucks drive by on their way to Westbank with the fair rides on it. Mom popped my bubble reminding me that I can't ride the rides, so I shouldn't be excited. LOL Darius is old and big enough to do the rides and actually be excited about them though, so I'm excited for him. Hopefully we'll be able to hit it up at least once.
Gramma also wants us to visit her this weekend. I hope we'll be able to. :o) She said it would really be nice, even if it is just for an over-nighter. We'll see how well we can convince mom. :oD It's a beautiful day out today...but hot. We took D to the library, and bought some sandwhich stuff for lunch, and are at home now.

Shame on me...I forgot to call Ralph to let him know when to expect Gramma. how embaressing.

Chance's b-day is coming up next month. He says he wants a tatoo. *rolls eyes* He also would like a trip up to Gramma's to enjoy some hiking and outdoor activities. :o) We shall see

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