Friday, May 19, 2006

Weekends Never Come Soon Enough

Well it's Friday at last.
Spent my mornin sleeping in a little, but when I did get up the house was up in arms. Those boys...*sighs* They just know which buttons to push to rile each other up.
In any event, the TV had way to much focus on it than I was comfortable with, and so when I got round to turning it off things kinda cooled down a bit.
Unfortunately, Dad needed to be reminded why he shouldn't interfere when I'm doing something like putting Darius to sleep. That basically put a halt to my day, as it took the entire afternoon, from about 10:30 when he went down, until well after 2 to get D to sleep.
Finally though, I had to intervene, because after the first interruption on Chance's part I just said, Fine, you do it then. That was when he ifnally went to sleep. I once again had to explain myself as being the primary caregiver of Darius right now, he needs to know who's authority he listens to. I support Chance, he supports me...that's the perfect world, and for the most part, we do work that way. Unfortunately, we do have our slipbacks when either he or I are having an off day, and today was one of those days.
Chance went out to work out at a gym (his own birthday gift to himself was a membership there) and I sat down to do some reading and unwinding as the day wore on me. I've only got, like, 13 Baby/Child-related books to read.
Chance picked mom up early as she asked, but when they came in, they woke up D...who stumbled out of his room all groggy-like only to fall asleep on my lap while getting his post-nap snuggles. Unfortunately, that pinned me to the couch and since I couldn't move, i just gave up and napped a short while as well. So we had a family nap. Mom on the one couch, D on me, and me on the loveseat. Chance enjoyed the quiet and chatted some on the comp.
After I finally woke us up (after another 45 minutes) I decided we should go out for dinner as a family. So, Chance, D, and I got up and went for dinner at our fav Chinese Buffet place. :o)
It was pleasant enough. D actually ate the majority of his dinner on his own. Didn't require us to feed him, and didn't mess round too much. Was nice.
Went to Blockbuster cause I figured we could use a good family night at home to make up for the stormy day we had. D chose The Wizard of Oz (one of his favorite...we're currently looking for the book and movie in the thrift stores)...and I chose a bunch more kids movies to watch with him over the next week. Peter Pan (we've been reading the book), The Iron Giant (an employee at the store recommended it), Toy Story 2 (they never seem to have it in until tonight), a Dora the Explorer and a couple of Bob the Builders. In total, D got, like 7 movies for him...LOL Not bad though, it only totalled 25 dollars. A week's worth of family entertainment for 25 bux. Cheaper than going to the movies.
We've also gotten our playpen from mom's co-worker...finally. It's a lot like the one we had in Ohio, just a single amenity short. :o)
It's a nice sage green colours with the nuetral colours in a plaid as accents. Was easy to set up (course all playpens are once you get the hang of them). I'm already picturing the things I can make to go in it such as the changer pad (cause it's just lined in the vinyl and nothing fabric) and a nice little Bassinet Canopy Thingy...cause this one didn't come with one. The lady was nice enough to give us an instruction booklet with it though. Excellent shape, not a mark on it, which means it was hardly used.
I spent some time looking up our next projects for D and I to do for the Do One Nice Thing organization.
I was pleasantly surprised to see that our cards had arrived and some of them were posted on ther website.
I was even more pleased when I recieved a letter in the mail today from the founder of Do One Nice thanking us for our kindess in making the cards.
So, I checked their archives for other projects that we could do. I discovered a nice bunch of things, like sending Art supplies to veterans to help them express themselves in therapy, and Kidflicks which is a place to send my gently used children's movies to ehich donates them to hospital children's wards, and Thinking of You where we make cards for senior citizens.
Chance asked me why I don't just start up my own thing here in Kelowna, and I said I wouldn't have the foggiest clue where to start. LOL
'Sides, where would I get the energy or the time?
I did house chores yesterday, and I was completely beat by the time dinner was finished cooking.
We got the car fixed, after having the battery conk out on us. Kimmie was nice and brought one home with him this morning, and Chance put it in.
We were supposed to go someplace this weekend...and we may still, but if we do it'll be spontaneous cause we haven't planned anything. Not to say that there isn't plenty to do, we'll just hafta pick something.
Anyhow...we rented Fun with Dick and Jane for ourselves, and Chance is beckoning me to the couch. I had better scoot before my snuggles decide to go to bed.

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Anonymous said...

The Iron Giant is a good movie, one of Bart's faves, I think.

Anonymous said...

10:30 - 2:00 for a nap? that seems like quite a struggle. movies sound good though.

Anonymous said...

Iron Giant is a good movie. One of Derek's Favorite (I like it too)