Thursday, June 01, 2006

Thursday Hump

Well, the week is almost over...good thing too cause I don't believe it would benefit this household if much more could happen. Of course, bad things never stick to regular business times, now do they? :o)
Our toilet has officially stopped working, which means (unfortunately) that we're out running all over town looking for a bathroom when we need one.
Chance didn't go to work this morning cause he was up all night fighting with the silly toilet, and mom went in late cause she was busy trying to call someone to come and fix it.
Unfortunately, no one can come until tommorow. Oh well, guess we'll be doin it campin style until then. :oP
Am getting ready to clean the house a bit...vacuum, load up the dishwasher, gotta clean out moms car too as there is a piece of crushed PB&J sandwhich in the backseat from yesterday.
Poor everyone, they's all stressed out. I'm oblivious though, mainly because I choose to be that way...I'm not taking ownership of any of the stress. Funny how I can do that now, but when I really needed to in the past I just couldn't do it.
Am kinda hungry, but am in no mood to go cook something up yet. I gotta go get milk and Peanut butter...and there was something else, but now I can't member what it was.
I really need to write things down more often.

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Anonymous said...

A list pad on the fridge really helps...when you're running low, on the list it goes. Not having a working toilet in a household of 5 (one being a toddler and one being pregnant) must be interesting...