Monday, May 08, 2006


Well La-Dee-Da

Darius' sleeping schedual is changing again. He's going back to waking up at the crack of dawn...I guess I can't get away with the excuse that it's still dark out when he first wakes up anymore. *sighs* I'm mourning my 8am wake-ups :o(
On the bright side, we get some good suggle time in, AND he gets an earlier nap time, which is more convenient cause on days where we're chaufferring, he won't be napping during a pick-up/drop-off time.
Got my T4 back in the mial today...finally. Only took the hag a month. Anyhow, I should be able to file my taxes sometime this week...and this is the first year when I can file my taxes, apply for the GST return, AND the Child Tax Benefit. Wohoo!! I'm looking foreward to back pay. Probly require all previous years' tax returns and Chance's last tax return...big whoop. I'm in the money!
Nice looking day out today...but I'm gonna keep my bet son it being really chilly out. It snowed on the Coq and Hwy 33 lastnight...seen the webcams. May, get real.
Damned nesting instinct. Went shopping on Saturday with mom for baby clothes. Spent the last 40 bux from Steven at the Salvation Army and Value Village. I'm rather impressed with myself, at how much I was really able to get. :o) Came home, and washed everything.

New items to add that I will need for the baby :
Laundry Soap (Ivory or Tide Free)
Fabric Softener (Bounce Free)
Burp Cloths
Baby Wipes (alcohol and perfume free) a phone call from Niamh lastnight, she told me she couldn't come to the Baby Shower because her mom was working on Mother's Day. I told her I didn't expect her to, but that I thought she'd enjoy getting an invitation all the same. I wonder about Danielle's parenting skills, if she's working on Mother's Day. Whatever though, I don't know anything about her situtation, so who am I to judge?
Poor li guy is sick again. Runny nose, plugged nose...sneezies. Yuck. Guess I'll really hafta make sure his handwashing is as much as possible. I try to wash his hands whenever I catch him sneezing on them and stuff, but it's a bit of a pain when I hafta take a chair into the kitchen with me everytime. Oh well. Hopefully he'll get over it quickly.

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