Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Weekends Schmeekends

Y aknow...I was all for heading to Gramma's after that "woe is us" phone call from Gramma...but this weekend was really just rediculous.
I'm pissed at those losers who call themselves her friends. I'm pissed at that loser and his g/f who calls himself their brother. I'm pissed at the person who calls himself her husband. Fucknuts...all of them.
I have never seen my grandmother's house in such a state. She's always been cleanly, even if it's cluttered. She's always been strict with behaviors. My lord, the place was a disaster, and I honestly couldn not wait to return home.
The yard was a disgrace...why? Because that fucknut of a brother dropped his sons new dog off for a week, without leaving food for it, and the dumb ass dug up the yard, and garbage, and whatever else it could get it's paws on.
Let's not mention the fact that she had a family living in an RV in her yard that had 2 big dogs of their own.
Let's talk about inside, which was as messy as could be. Floors needed sweeping, dishes needed washing, toilet needed to be scrubbed along with the shower. Let's mention that she removed ALL shampoos and soaps from bathroom because everyone was helping themselves to it without any offer of return.
Let's talk about the seperation of her food from her "boarder", and the fact that she hasn't even bothered to pay rent yet.
And let's not forget the husband which keeps reaming her money stockpile for beer. I seen him holding a cup of coffee ONCE this weekend. Every time I seen him he was drinking a beer.
Do you think any of those fucknuts lifted a goddamned finger to help my grandmother do anything like cook, or clean?!?!?
Chance and I spent our weekend trying to sort things out with her. Chance did outside, heavy work for her, while I cooked and did dishes so she could get round to doing other things.
That in itself is fucking outrageous cause she just had surgery, like, not more than 2 weeks ago.
I seriously wish people could get their shit together and smarten up.

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Anonymous said...

I'm sure your gramma appreciated everything you and Chance did for her. That was very thoughtful and helpful of both of you.