Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Updating Again

Busy Busy
Been trying to keep up with Mr. D. He hasn't been feeling well, poor lil guy. Guess he's got a touch of the tummy flu. Oh well, lots of time spent with mommy and Nana and lots of cuddles.
He's not hungry, what else is new. Won't eat anything, but has plenty to drink, so no worries.
Am makin a nice veggie broth up for him right now while he's napping, that way I can get some extra stuff into him before the eve is out.
Went shopping at Value Village again today. Chance wanted to get a couple of new outfits for himself, and I wanted to buy some more baby clothes. I did pretty good, focused on buying things in other sizes besides Newborn, and did farily well, if I do say so myself.
So, I'm building myself quite the stockpile of baby clothing. :o) Can't to start buying everything else to go along with, cause I'm sure I'll do more shopping once the baby actually arrives, right?
I haven't bought a new diaper bag yet...but we shall see if I need to or not, cause I've still got D's old one. I will if it's a girl I suppose. I miss the one I had when D was a baby, the one that got stolen from Boston Pizza's after we came up here to visit. :o(
Come to think of it, I miss my dog too. :o(
So, anyways...D is sick, mom is sick, Chance is warding off (barely), and Kimmie is sick. I'm left all alone as the sole non-sicko in the household. Thankg goodness I keep up on my vitamins or I'd be in trouble.
Was pretty cute...yesterday. D got a package in the mail from his Ama (he's been expecting for about a week now), and when we went to go pick up mom from work, he went out to the porch before me, and as I was getting my shoes on I hear him saying "mommy could you open the door for me?"
I poked my head out to see why he needed me to open the door, and there he was stooped over trying to pick up this box with something in his hand before he just drops his toy and grabs the box and runs inside. He gets up to the table, and is blabbering full speed about his package from Ama and how he got mail to Dad. I grabbed some scissors, and before I can attack it nicely, Chance is attempting to tear into it as if it's the last package he'll ever open. I butted him out of the way so I could start cutting, and as soon as it was open Chance was dive bombing into the silly thing...before Darius scootched him over by hopping onto a chair and bumping him outta the way. He started dive bombing as well, but not without his brief "ooh's" and "ahh's" at everything else. Darn it, he was in search of his new "Bug Picker" that Ama promised she'd send him and he was determined to find it.
So, once he had his hands on that bug picker and the bug net, we were on our way to get nana.
Once we got back, D and I took a nap. 3 hours later we woke. Boy, that was a nice nap.
Well, I've ben making him sleep in his underwear cause it's not yet time to turn on A/C but it still gets warm. Anyhow, we woke up and he's wandering round the house in his undies and socks, and after mom gets a small stew on the stove she comes out of the kitchen and says "Darius, Nana needs some time outside, do you think you could take her out?"
Darius literally dropped his toy (one of his fav's) and ran for the front door saying "Oh, sure sure" and when he got there he was frantically trying to turn the doorknob to get it opened.
Was pretty cute.
So, we got him dressed and out the door with Nana, and not too long after they were gone, I hear frantic footsteps on the porch as D comes bombing into the house "The Ice Cream Truck is coming, the Ice Cream Truck is coming, I need money mommy! Please!"
So, I quickly grabbed him my changepurse and handed it to him and he went running back out the door with a "thank-you" thrown over his shoulder.

Mental Image: Darius waiting on the side of the road, holding someone's hand, squirming in his shoes with an ear to ear grin as he watches the Ice Cream Truck approach.

Yup, I spoil him with some sort of treat everytime the ice cream truck comes, I have some sort of change in reserve, even if it's just in nickels and dimes, I don't mind forkin over the small stuff.
All I can say is I'm glad he uses him manners when he's supposed to. :o)

Ahh, quiet time, mom's grocery shopping, Chance is at work, Kimmie and D are asleep. yay.

2 thoughtful remarks:

Anonymous said...

"Mental Image: Darius waiting on the side of the road, holding someone's hand, squirming in his shoes with an ear to ear grin as he watches the Ice Cream Truck approach."

yep, saw that look of innocent, abandoned glee many a time!

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