Saturday, May 20, 2006


Well, after we hemmed and hawed this mornin, we checked out a few grage sales here on this side of the bridge today. I was on the hunt for baby stuff, but didn't find anything...all the good ones were early, and on the other side of the bridge. :o(
So, anyways...I suppose Chance, D and I will take off to Gramma's once again.
Unfortunately, we were unable to persuade Kimmie and Mom into coming with even though I recieved a "disappointed Gramma" phone call this morning. Apparently, the houseful she was expecting wasn't anywheres near max capacity, and she's a lil downhearted about that.
Anyhow...I'm just grbabing a quick snack before packing my bags, and getting us out onto the road. Wonder what time we'll end up pulling in...

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